Monday, May 2, 2011

My Little Brother is a FSU Grad

littlest fartley graduated
This weekend little Danny Farley graduated from FSU! It was super awesome and exciting!
We drove ALLLLLL the way to Tallahassee for 2 full hours of graduation fun. He then gave us 10 giant trash bags filled with clothes and went off to party! :) We all met up the next day at my aunt and uncle's house for food and fun! I'm so proud of him! Now he just needs a job - any takers!? ;)
Me & Danny
The graduating isn't over yet! In a few weeks we're all going to Nashville to see Lauren (my sister) graduate from grad school at Vanderbilt!  Wootwoot! It's gonna be an awesome month!
Any of you have family that graduated from these two schools? Or any new grads in the family!? Congratulations to them!! Oh and big high five to Obama too!! 
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tishous said...

What a fun time for your family!
When you're in Nashville you should look me up if you have some extra time :)

Jenn said...

YAY!! congrats to you brotherr! :)

Lauren said...

Wooo!!! Congratulations, brother!

P.S. Don't go to grad school! Just sayin'

Banuca said...

What a nice feeling for you, congratulations :)

amy lapi said...

omg.. my graduation from fsu felt like yesterday! go noles!! :)

danny said...

thanks sis :) im so glad you guys came! love you so much...cant wait to have slumber parties at your place!!!

O. said...


Katie said...

My baby brother is graduating this weekend and I'm all happy-sad-excited for him. On the bright side, he's moving back to live in my town for the summer so we'll have plenty of time together. Congrats to your brother!

amber stackle said...

omggg love the pictures! Congratulations Danny!!