Monday, May 16, 2011

Super Duper Weekend

My little sister Lauren graduated from Vanderbilt this weekend! Wootwoot! So my Nanny and I flew up to Nashville while my parents and Lauren drove! They drove so they could drive to the smokey mountains after the graduation -lucky ducks! So you'll notice there are no photos of Lauren haha that's because I took all the photos with my one camera and gave it to my parents to take to NC - whompwhomp! And there's no interwebs in the cabin where they're staying, so no photos! Lauren looked so pretty on graduation day! The rest of us looked like drowned rats because it rained all morning and we got lost walking around campus! After the graduation we went to Loveless Cafe to celebrate! It's this awesome lil cafe with the BEST pulled pork and biscuits! I want their biscuits everyday for the rest of my life!! hahaha! Seriously! Later that night Lauren, my dad, and I all bought cowboy boots bahahahaha who knows if any of us will ever wear them, but they sure are cool! ;)
I was SO proud of my sister! She's worked so so hard and now she's going to change the world :)
Cutest fat pup!
I was stoked to come home Saturday night! We got pizza and Mickey from South Tampa! Mickey and I hung out all day Sunday - crocheting, played lambs, cleaning, and planting cactus!
Miniature Rhino Embroidery!
I finished my second Cancer constellation embroidery kit from Miniature Rhino! I painted the hoop gold to match the Aquarius embroidery. If you haven't heard these are the cutest and easiest embroidery kits!
my Sunday
I made lots more grannies for a blanket for Brian and my bed, though I don't know if I'll use it for that because now I'm not in love with the colors! Who knows! ;)
And finally I put all Eli and my cacti/succulents into pots. I kept saying succulents and my sister told me that word weirded her out haha! I was gonna wait for Elias, but I felt so bad for the lil guys. They needed bigger pots and better soil, plus our families are coming over this weekend and who knows when we would have had time. So here they are! Eli picked them all out! :)
I love them all! Thanks to Amber and Olivia I now have this new hobby! I'm sure Brian thanks you gals too haha! ;) We actually planted some other flowers around the house too! It was a really awesome weekend! How was your weekend? Plant any new plants!? 
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Julie Ann Art said...

I love your succulents! Yours look better than mine though! ;] I started out with just clippings from my friend's plant so they've gotten off to a slow start. Yours look lovely!


Jordan said...

What a fun weekend! I need to get some succulents, they're so pretty!

motherawesome said...

The word succulent kind of weirds me out too, but I love the plants! :)

Amber said...

First off.... biscuits are porn to me. Lol! That is what poot always says b/c I can't eat them:( Whomp whomp because of that darn gluten! I have to avoid Cracker Barrel like the plaque b/c I will eat my weight in biscuits. Ha!

Second... I want to see pictures of your boots!!

Oh and I love your afghan! Why don't you like it? I so need to work on my constellation embroideries.

And Brian I am sorry for telling Becky how awesome succulants are...but hey they are! And they are cheap so sorry:)

Sweet Escape said...

Holey Moley!! I love succulents!!! I have quite a collection myself! All of mine are in the little planters they came in. What a good idea to re-plant them!! Do you have any rare ones??

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

yay! congrats to your sister.
i love this post- you are always inspiring me. thank you!!

Jamie said...

Ooo I love your cactus garden, I want one of my own!! I also love the colors of your granny squares, so yummy!!

Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

What a wonderful weekend!!

I visited a friend in Nashville last year and thought the Vanderbilt campus was gorgeous..but we didn't make it to the Loveless Cafe :( Next time I suppose! hehee

Where did you get all of your amazing succulents? I would love some for my balcony garden but have a hard time finding them locally. Do you know of a good website or are they easier to find locally in Florida?

Jenn xo

O. said...

WooWhooo Lauren, congrats!!!!!!
I would also like to see these boots :)

I think Conrad feels the same way Brian does about the plants. You know I can't resist those things.

Krystie said...

love the succulents!