Friday, June 17, 2011

Crochet Queens

As you all may have been able to tell I'm so stoked to have my sister, Lauren back in Tampa! We've pretty much seen each other everyday since she's been back from Boston! Last weekend while driving back from the Keys she asked me to teach her to crochet -awesome, but not awesome because I car sick if I look backwards. So this morning she asked again and she totally got it! Here she is posing with her creations (in her new sunglasses ;)). I'm so stoked she can share in my crazy love of crocheting! 

Here's another awesome Crochet Queen, Michele from Bake, Craft, Love! She sent me an email last night showing me her FIRST granny square! It's perfect! She watched this youtube tutorial I made awhile back and tada she made a very perfect granny! I just want to hug her and tell her thank you for the email - it made my week! I want everyone to learn to crochet! Go check out Michele's very nice blog - Bake, Craft, Love.
Hope your day has been awesome! 
I'd love to hear how you learn to crochet! Leave your story in the comments please!!!! I had such a difficult time when I first was learning - see here and here! Night!
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Jana said...

I taught myself to crochet using internet tutorials. It's amazing what you can learn on the gool 'ol web.

Glad you're having fun with your sis! Sisters are the best... and I can't wait to visit mine in Colorado!

Dawniepants said...

I cannot crochet to save my life, but I can knit and I am OBSESSED with knitting big chunky snoods in winter. You've also reminded me of my huge knitted patchwork rug which needs stitched together.

PaisleyJade said...

Yay for your sis!!

Rose said...

Your sisters squares look great!
I learnt off of a youtube video also a couple of years ago.


Velma said...

Awesome!! I was teaching my niece over Christmas and it was so fun!!

I taught myself with some youtube videos and the help of my friend Sarah. I remember being confused one day and then "ah ha!" the next!!!

Michele said...

Awe you are so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing a little piece of me! Your squares are awesome, I cannot wait to make more.

Also, sister time is always fun!

Lauren Calderon said...

I STILL don't understand how to make a granny square! I have gone through like 8 tutorials and still haven't mastered it haha.

Candice said...

I learned from the book by Debbie Stoller called The Happy Hooker. I learned in December and have really got the hang of it! I've been blogging about my progress and have an entire crochet section for all those beginners out there interested.

I've made everything from doilies with explitives crocheted into them, stuffed turtles, scarfs, headbands, and inappropriately shaped lip balm cozies :D Crocheting is so much fun, and doesn't have to make you an old lady!