Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day and it was a good! My sister made an awesome, organic meal for everyone and an icecream cake that was amazing! We went out to lunch with Brian's Pop and the rest of the gang. It was really nice! 
Here's some things about my dad:
He's very tall and solid, when I was young I compared him to a superhero, I thought nothing could hurt him, then one day he got stung by a sting ray and I realize he could get hurt, but he's still a super dad. 
He can make pretty much anything out of wood. He carves gnomes and wizards, he use to make bowls (I wish he still did), he makes furniture, etc. He's very crafty.
I always thought I'd inherit my crazy gene from my mom (no offense Mags ;)), but come to find out it's my dad who's made me crazy and here are the reasons why: 1. he taught us NEVER to smack or talk with food in our mouth and now I go nuts if someone is smacking. It literally is the one thing that can make me snap haha - thanks Larbear! 2. Don't park in the fire lane at the grocery store to use the ATM - you are NOT more important than anyone else haha and you could probably use the walk 3. Do NOT stand with the fridge door open for 5 mins! You should know what's in there! 4. scissors - do NOT take them from the place I keep them!!! -crazy I know!  5. He collects everything and in turn I now collect everything haha - I have SO many collections! Dunnys, fabric, books, letterpress blocks, nesting dolls, etc. 6. Collecting hobbies - I now do this too!
I love my dad so much and all his craziness! What crazy thing do you love about your dad?! :)
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Lauren said...

Happy Father's Day to the best dad everrrr!

My crazy from him? Organizing groceries in the cart correctly and putting them on the checkout belt in the right order. :)

Jana said...

"We didn't come all the way to Disney World for you not to ride anything! You are riding Space Mountain with me or we're going home."

So I did.

And it was the best day ever. =)

Windsor Grace said...

That picture is really adorable!