Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Friday - Finally!

I always see #flashbackfridays on twitter or instagram, so I decided to take a little trip back in time! Actually my sister and I have been working on a photo project for our parents and I found this photo of Mickey! It's the first photo I ever took of him! Note that he's at work with me ;) 
I grew up with two Maltese pups named Lucy and Sally, and I decided that's what kinda pup I'd get. So I did! He was so small though, I thought I'd break him! Luckily now he's as hearty as can be! Plus he doesn't bite like he did when he was small, my arms and fingers would be covered in little bite marks - rotten pup! I like him alot better now! ;)  Hope your weekend is wonderful! We are going to  METROCON (a customer gave us tickets-I'm kinda stoked about it), my sister and I are going to cook a completely organic, locally grown, hormone free Father's Day meal for the Farley/Cheaney gang hahaha I'm sure our dad & Brian will be stoked!
What will you be doing this weekend!?
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Jim Doran said...

Ah - flashbacks are a good idea! I guess I've seen 'em too.

I can't wait to get out of here - I have a zine idea, a painting and two dioramas to finish.

Happy Friday!

sdillondesign said...

Mickey was/is such a cute pup! No projects this weekend, we are heading to Vegas! It's going to be HOT but so much fun. Happy father's day to your dad and Brian of course!

Mags said...

organic, no hormones and locally grown!...Daddy says he can't wait, but he wants to know what he's going to eat?

I love you!

Jana said...

What a little charmer Mickey is. That wittle face! Have fun at Metrocon!

O. said...

Oh my goodness Mickey was so small, he sure has plumped up nicely