Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mad Scientists - Dying Celery

Last Friday, someone was in trouble and someone couldn't watch TV or play video games, so I found something awesome to do with him (Eli)! ;)
We were at the grocery store and I remembered dying carnations and celery with food coloring and asked Eli if he wanted to try it. I explained the experiment would show us how quick and where the water goes when plants drink it thanks to the food coloring. 
So here's what you'll need:
1. food coloring (we got neon)
2. glasses of water
3. stalks of celery (the inside pieces are the lightest and work the best!) or white carnations - though if you do that try to buy local flowers ONLY!
4. Time - because this will take awhile

Once you have your supplies it's pretty self explanatory- put coloring in each glass and stick your celery stalk in there. We marked down the time we began and checked them every hour. We didn't is anything for at last 5 hours. The next morning the colors were really bright!  
The colors impressed Eli, which made the whole thing worth it! Now we aren't big celery fans so we didn't eat ours, but how cool is it to nibble on neon celery!?
Do you have any other awesome experiments for kids you'd like to share? If you do put it in the comments! We love doing science experiments at home! :)

I hope your Thursday is going great! I'll be back with quilting day photos shortly!
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misslarissabree said...

You guys are seriously the cutest

Out on a limb said...

Why not?

Jordan said...

too fun!!

sécia said...

Weird... and AWESOME!

♥ sécia

Sleepy Darlings said...

So fun!

I just recently remembered that grow-your-own-crystals kits used to delight me, and you can make them neon with highlighter ink!! they arent so permenant and i think water destroys them, but what a fun project!

backdrop photography said...

Awesome experiment!That was fun..Kids really would love to do this kind of stuff. It's like playing but at the same time they are learning.

Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

What a fun (and colorful) science experiment! I love educational crafts :)

You should check out Steve Spangler's "Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes" book. He's the super, creative science guy that is always on the Ellen show and he comes up with the most amazing and fun experiments that I've always wanted to try myself...but never have!


O. said...

I always liked making rock candy as a kid. You can make them in all sorts of colors too!!!

heather dawn said...

becky you are the coolest! those celery look so cool!!

Sally said...

i sooo remember doing this when i was little! love it <3

Gretchen said...

Hi Becky! I came across your blog through a pinterest link, and just had to leave a comment. I got engaged playing a game of upwords, have an etsy store (sophisticated posies) and am planning a carnival/fair wedding too!! how cool is that?? cant wait to read through your blog!!

Suzzie V said...

I used to try this when I was a kid, but I would always get impatient and throw everything away before there was any change. I'm glad to know it works!

Sarah Von said...

Fun! I remember doing this in third grade science class :)