Friday, June 10, 2011

Marquee Alphabet Lights

Last year or so I found light up letters on UrbanOutfitters,and I really thought it'd be cool to have a B for Becky, but they had no B's - whompwhomp! Fast forward to this year when Brian proposed and we started planning our wedding, which is circus/carnival themed and then I wanted TWO B's! Get it like Barnum & Bailey! Now please know I don't actually like Barnum & Bailey because they use animals in their circus and I'm VERY against that, but aren't the B's fitting and awesome!?! :)
So I emailed UrbanOutfitters and asked if they would ever have the B's again, I got an email saying no (took like 3 months for them to email me been ps). I was so disappointed, but thought maybe my dad and I could do it ourselves. But then one day I saw an etsy email with MLevin's shop in it and a light up G! I seriously couldn't email him fast enough - I was so stoked! He was awesome! He emailed back and forth right away and told me he could start that afternoon! He made them so fast and SO well. They're made of wood, metal, and all the lighting gadgetry. They were shipped to our office and I opened them up right then and plugged one in! Perfect!
These B's will be great for the circus/carnival theme of our wedding, plus I can put them at home in the living room!
The B's are about 16+ inches, I put the dunny there to show you their size. Then I realized many of you may not know what a dunny is - it's a blind box vinyl toy that is 3 inches tall. Bahahaha sorry! So that little guy is 3 inches - gives you an idea of the B's size.
3 inch dunny
So the moral of this story is:
 Buy from independent artists! 
(I still LOVE OU ;))
and I couldn't be happier with this etsy seller -Mlevin! I want to get an E now for Elias' bedroom! 
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Bobbie said...

I totally wanted these too and wanted a "B"! these look just like the one Urban was selling though! they look so awesome. yay for independent artists
:) Bobbi

chelseybell. said...

these are so great! it's awesome that you were able to buy them from an independent artist (not that there's anything wrong with UO, but they have plenty of moolah coming in). I can't wait to see how amazing and unbelievable your wedding is going to be :).

Jordan said...

That's awesome! they look so cool! I'm not really against UO after the shenanigans of recent weeks but it does make me feel like they're a little shadier than I had previously thought. Way to go with an artist!

Jenn said...

this makes me SO excited :)

Deer Donna said...

they are sooo lovely! :D XOX

RollerScrapper said...

Yes it it's good to go with independent artists, especially because urban outfitters rips off artists. I regent when an up and coming johnny cupcakes had a design idea stolen right after he pitched to them...turns out he is widely successful because he has loss of faboo ideas, but it still majorly wrong to steal from the little guy and I won't shop there because of their evil ways.

Jamie said...

Awesome!!! I'm so glad you found just what you wanted!!! They look great!!!! Your wedding is going to be sooo freakin' amazing!!!!

Amber said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I think I am gonna have to get a C for our living room, or maybe a P for Poots:)