Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome Wagon

The fun has began! Eli's aunt and uncle are in town - he's so stoked! They're great kids and so wonderful with Eli! I'm so thankful for that! Though I honestly am not around teenagers that much so I only have a short list of things to do with them - so if you have any ideas PLEASE share them! 
How much do you LOVE Eli's Welcome Sign - he designed it himself - he wanted half snow (for where they live - though it's only NH hahaha he thinks it snows all the time) and a sunshine for Florida! He's a clever one! ;) Remember his sign for Lauren - he's the sweetest! Remember to leave your ideas!
Have a super wonderful weekend!
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eef said...

Teenagers... ack!


Becky Farley said...

lol I know, but we've found a few things! Wakeboarding, Airheads? feeding them lots of food, video games, bowling, and swimming ;)

Windsor Grace said...

He is so cute. He and Sizzle's nephew Finn need to get together for a playdate. Probably be the cutest thing ever.

If I ever come to Florida, may I get an Eli sign?

stephanie dillon said...

Clever and adorable that Eli is!