Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Red, White, & Blue Weekend

Red white blue weekend
This weekend it was just me, Brian, and Mickey! My family wasn't in town and Eli was with his mama. So this is how we sent our weekend: 1. got to wear my new Batman tee, which I really love and I love even more because it was like $6 bucks! 2. Brian went to the grocery store and got Mexican cokes and Hershey's chocolate bars, which I melted and made chocolate covered bananas! 3. We went bowling (we never go bowling and we've gone twice in the pass two weeks) look at our patriotic bowling shoes! 4. Brian and I made a July 4th dinner, which was so perfect! 5. Then I made Starcakes! 6. We got a new arcade game called "Ice Cold Beer" (here's a youtube video of the game-not ours) - neither of us really drink haha but this game is pretty rare and super fun! 7. Fat Mickey sitting right on my 1up Mushroom I'm crocheting! 7 - 9. should follow the Starcakes because I did this right after I baked them hahaha Mickey was just sitting there looking cute and rotten. He was begging for food - like he always does because he's a fat boy. I decided he needed a little blue in his new mohawk, which Brian's sister and I gave to him a week ago. He looks even more cute with the blue! Here is Mickey's 2010 St. Patrick's Day hair! I can't wait to show Eli! :) Maybe we'll do it to him too - totally just kidding!
mohawk mickey mutt
Oh Mickey! He yet is my favorite little pup!
Did you do anything over the weekend to make yourself laugh? :) Dye any pup's hair? See any cool fireworks?
I'm SOOO excited about this Friday, did you know it's the last shuttle launch EVER (hopefully not ever ever-it just can't be)!? My sister, Brian, Eli, and I are packing up and heading over to the How do you feel about the space program? I'm a HUGE fan haha and I'm really sad that NASA will no long be launching shuttles - crazy! I get the whole national debt and all, but NASA shuttle launches are what dreams are made of! Ancient civilizations just got to look up at the stars from the ground and now we have the ability to send women and men up into space and we're throwing in the towel? Ok I don't wanna bum everyone out! I've never been in Cape Canaveral when there's been a launch, so I'm SUPER excited!!!! Have you ever been to one?! I promise to twitter my heart out while I'm there, so you can see the last launch! :) Fingers cross it doesn't rain!

Oh don't forget to check out the post below and leave your baby/pregnancy knowledge! Old wives tales, scientific facts - I want it all please! I'm collecting it for my best bud and me and you all too :)
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Jordan said...

The blue mohawk is adorable. I've been wanting to dye my hair fun colors again but I guess I won't be since I live in a very rural town and need a job, I don't think having bright hair would help my prospects. *sigh*

sécia said...

Great blue hair. Looks like a good time.

♥ sécia

Michele said...

Mickey is rockin' that do XD

chelseybell. said...

mickey's hair is the best--he's so punk rock.

looks like you guys had a fun weekend!

I BLEED PINK said...

ha ha..I love Mr. Mickey!

dana @ wonder forest said...

Mickey looks so bangin with his new hairdo ;) hahaha amazing.
xo dana

Amber said...

Mickey looks so tough!! Lol! I love it.
I actually got to see a shuttle take off once when we were vacationing in Florida. It was awesome. I wish I twittered:) Will you text me a pic please!! We will be heading to Southern Missouri to camp and tube! Woot Woot!

Ashley said...

I love Mickey's little blue head!!!

skunkboycreatures said...

Aaahhh--- Mickey looks even more adorable with the blue streak! I didn't even know it was possible!

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mickey's hair is the best--he's so punk rock.

looks like you guys had a fun weekend!
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