Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Tonight my best bud and I were filling each other in on last week because we live far apart - mine: I was sick and that I asked Brian's little sister to be one of my bride's maids (ps she was so stoked and I was so glad - she has a dress and everything!!). Now my friend's news was baby news - she's almost 5 months pregnant and she's only feeling sick at night, where a few weeks ago she was barfing all day long! I can't put into words how happy/excited/stoked I am that she's having a baby! I will listen to her barf stories for hours with a smile!! Completely over the moon!! She's the first of my close friends to have a baby, so I'm a bit clueless with baby stuff. I do know pregnant women can't eat sushi, farmed tuna, carry heavy things, etc. Today while we were talking she made the joke that the doctor's office doesn't give you a booklet of do's and don'ts or a how to guide haha! Wouldn't it be helpful!!?!??! For example I learned in college pregnant women shouldn't eat pomegranate while there pregnant because it causes the uterus to contracted - googled it for you here ;) but after pregnancy you should eat lots of pomegranate because it helps flatten your belly. So I was thinking I could use Strumpet's Crumpets to collect all your baby knowledge for my bud and all the other soon to be mamas out there! What do you think!?! Help me make a list of need to know baby information- things doctors don't tell you. Thank you in advance!! :)

Note: My bud has been doing research, but she also moved to a new state, so she doesn't have her normal friends around to give her daily advice. Plus I just thought it'd be awesome to help each other out! :) 
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The Prairie Hen said...

If you get a pedi while pregnant make sure the nail person doesn't massage the fleshy spot between your Achilles and ankle because it can cause contractions.

That is all I can think of now... I'm sure I'll come up with more later. ;)

Sweet Rustic said...

I totally did my research when I was pregnant & you shouldn't eat pate, deli meats, pre-prepared salads (because of the increased risk of bacterias) soft cheese, things with raw egg (like some salad dressings), anything unpastuerised, you shouldn't garden without gloves or change kitty litter (woo hoo) because of some disease that cats can carry that doesn't harm adults but can, bubs. ummm some auromatherapy oils aren't recommended (don't know which ones) and I read recently that you shouldn't eat sprouts either. Oh and not too much caffeine & have lots of folate preferrably 3 months before conception(Supplements)... wish u didn't ask now? So many restrictions... many ppl though I was over cautious following all these things but it made me feel like I was giving my bub the best start I could.

O. said...

The only thing I was ever told when I was preggo was not to change cat liter. I guess I will need to read up on all this stuff if I ever have another baby.

Becky Farley said...

Sara- crazy I never knew!

Katie- Thank you!! You were just what I was wanting! A fountain of baby knowledge :) Thank you!

Olivia - yea I've heard that too or not to even have cat! Cat scratch fever can make you lose a baby :(

Virginie said...

i was going to mention the deli meats, raw eggs and the kitty litter as well. guess i'm too late haha! the BEST way to lose your baby belly is definately to breast feed. and of course, it's the best milk in the world :)

for coffee drinkers, it's best not to exceed 2 cups per day. and, strangely enough, the more water you drink, the less water retention you'll make. true fact!

Becky Farley said...

Virginie - I didn't know about the breast feeding helping your weight - that's good to know- bc I know I'll need all the help I can get! ;)
Oh and I know that water trick lol helps during pms too!

Miranda said...

Pineapple can cause contractions, so its best to save it for the end when you want that baby out.

You dont have to cut out all seafood (like my doctor told me) just the fish that contain high amounts of mercury.

Also, going to the dentist is key, cause babies suck the calcium out of you, and your teeth will suffer (mine have). It helps to take those prenatal vitamins.

Also, drinking lots of water is very very good, even if your poor bladder is being squashed by a human being.

A good pregnancy dvd is helpful, made me feel more prepared for the end...

Pamplemousse1983 said...

Regarding the water thing...Sometimes it doesnt matter how much you drink, you're going to retain water. I was so freaking swollen at the end and I was drinking tons of water. The up side is I lost 25 pounds of water weight by the end of the first week ;)
Most of the big stuff has already been mentioned. I would suggest staying active, at least taking a walk each day. Also, my doctor suggested swimming as a way to help with water retention. Something about the pressure from the water squeezing out some of the water you retain :)

heather dawn said...

nothing gets rid of strech marks or prevents them. if you're going to get them, you'll get them. which sucks.

yea, breastfeeding burns over 500 calories a day in the mothers! ;)

and i eat sushi :] just california rolls though, because it is cooked crab meat. as far as lunch meat goes, you can heat it up and its okay!

mm, don't sleep on your back, it restricts blood flow to the placenta. the best position for sleep is the left side.

i think the most important thing a pregnant woman can do is read a really good birth book. I just finished Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and I learned so much about birth and the natural process of it & how strong our female bodies are! we are an amazing creature, thats all i can say!

(I saw your tweet and wondered if YOU had some news! i got a little excited! one dayy! ;) )

dana @ wonder forest said...

i know nothing about pregnancy/babies hahaha... hopefully one day that will change though. but i think it's so cute that you're so excited for your friend's baby :)
xo dana

HazelandMare said...

Oh my goodness, so happy for her! That is great and joyful news!!!

These comments are making me so nervous though- so many rules! Hehe, you're right, a guidebook would certainly be helpful!

Kerry said...

Well... if I can do it anybody can! and I totally feel your friend's situation, I was pretty far along when I found out about our little Nugget. I totally agree with the swimming thing- even if it's just cause it feels so amazing to float around weightless as you become not so weightless!! So realxing. A great book I totally recommend is The Girferiend's Guide to Pregnancy: or Everything Your Doctor Won't Tell You. It is informative, funny, and so helpful. Of course, I devoured every book and website I could. Also- many hospitals offer FREE breastfeeding (DO IT DO IT!!!) classes and birthing classes. My baby daddy and I learned so much, felt hugely prepeared, and actually had fun. You gotta laugh at the crazy stuff you're about to go through!
Congrats, AUNT Becky!! <3

skunkboycreatures said...

Oh, yes... everything Sweet Rustic said. I was told I could still eat veggie sushi (which is my fav) but there is still a chance of cross contamination in the kitchen, so I wasn't willing to risk it. If you end up having a C-section (I've had 2), it's okay! I was so scared with my first one! Just line up extra extra help and mentally prepare yourself to take it easy. I'm a busy-body, so that was really hard for me, but you don't want to risk injuring yourself.

Other than that, just sleep sleep sleep as much as you can now, because once baby comes there won't be a lot of it!

Oh, and all that food you've been deprived of for 9 months will NEVER TASTE BETTER once you get to have it again. Seriously. ;)


Becky Farley said...

Thank you Kerry and Katie!! :) You guys are awesome!

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The only thing I was ever told when I was preggo was not to change cat liter. I guess I will need to read up on all this stuff if I ever have another baby.
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