Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Adventures!

Me and the gang headed to Orlando this weekend for Game Warp! We collect pinballs and arcade games, so we're always up for an arcade expo/auction! We had family and friends meet us there!
It was a bunch of fun! Nerd fest 2011 haha used a whole bottle of hand sanitizer there!!
Game Warp Adventure
We did sneak out of the expo for a bit and hung out at the pool.
We raced back to Tampa for my Dad's birthday!!! I LOVE my dad so much! We went to S. Tampa's best Chinese Restaurant for a birthday dinner! They sang to my dad and it was hilarious- he got all red!
Larbears Birthday
Here's the boys at dinner! All so handsome!
Happy! Happy! Happy Birthday Larbear!! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Go on any adventures? I'm excited for next weekend - staying home and crafting hahaha! Seriously I'm stoked - there's no place like home ;)
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Carrie said...

looks like a great weekend!!! I really need to finish my afghan but its hard in this heat


O. said...

that picture of the 3 of you is cute!!!!

I've never been to that Chinese place but I have driven by it a bazillion times. I will have to try it out. Happy Birthday to your papa bear!

sécia said...

How fun!

♥ sécia

rachel. said...

Um, we were definitely at Game Warp at the same time. I thought you looked familiar but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. I feel like a doofus! (And, oh man, that Hercules pinball is amazing!)

Becky Farley said...

Rachel-That's really funny that we were there at the same time! I think I smiled at you because you were like the only other girl there haha I was excited to see other girls ;) I hope you guys had fun!

Anonymous said...

I was at Game Warp too. I recognize the 2 guys you're with. The short one is the brat that beat me at Street Fighter and the tall one stole my phone charger.

Claire said...

yey for oin ball machines! you dont see them over here anymore :(

Rachael Caringella said...

So cute! That picture of the three of you is soo darling.