Monday, August 1, 2011

Get'n Lobsters

summer lobster trip to the Keys
Last week started Florida's lobster season, so the boys and I headed to the Keys!
I couldn't go out on the boat, which bummed me out ALOT, but Eli and I made the best of it and explored the Keys! We went to the History of Diving Museum which is very cool. I want Brian to go next time we're down there! The fellas caught 44 lobsters - that's nuts! There are very strict lobster laws(thankfully) and the guys followed them to the letter, but they did say there were people out there who were not, but there were so so so many cops out! It was a fun trip all in all and we'll be having lobster for awhile haha! Here's my instagram photos from the trip!
Have you ever been down to the Keys to get lobster? Can you get dive for lobster up north? Or is the water completely different? In the Keys the water is crystal clear, you can see the bottom from up in the boat-it's amazing!
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O. said...

Bummer for having to stay on land. I don't think I've ever been on a regular boat, I'd probably be so sick. I still think it's crazy they just grab those suckers with their hands.

HazelandMare said...

Whoa, 44 lobsters! That is insane! And delicious! You lucky kids! ;)

I really love your photos! Those little cranny squares are so cute!

Miranda said...

I've never actually ate a lobster, but I've told my husband that after this baby is out, he is taking me on a date for seafood, specifically lobster.

Your lobster picture looks awesome! I'd love to go somewhere where the water is crystal clear.

Amber said...

They grab them with their hands?? I just read Olivia's comment. Holy moley1! That is crazy!
I can't even imagine how good they must of tasted. Looks like you made the most of your time having to stay on land!!

chelseybell. said...

confession: I've never eaten lobster. sad, but true.

♥Ali Shaye said...

I have never eating lobster! Im sure it taste wonderful!

sécia said...

Lobster! So yummy. What a fun time.

♥ sécia

Lisa said...

Being located in Maine (the lobster capital of the world) I have had my fair share of lobster! But I have never heard of anyone diving for them here. Of course, the water is freezing this far north (even in the winter) burrr!!

I did go to the Ocean this last weekend and watched the lobster boats come in from their morning stuff!