Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jip en Janneke Baby Shower

My best bud is having a baby!
She spent some of her college time over in Belgium where she fell in love with Jip en Janneke. There are many Jip en Janneke books and toys, but the problem is (at least for us here in the states) they're are only sold in the Netherlands and the stores that carry them do NOT ship to the states - whompwhomp! Luckily I've found a way around that-that's all I can say for now! ;)
Here's a Jip and Janneke teaset my friend gave me years ago! I LOVE it!
baby shower Jip and Janneke
My friend's mom and I made the baby shower invites! She found this adorable Jip en Janneke image and I put together the invitation! Thanks to Sonic Print, I printed them right up and scores them, and her mom sent them all out! I was stoked about them! My friend has received hers so it's ok that I'm blogging about them! She just loved them! (I also sent her a fake invite with kewpie heads, because she hates kewpies)
I ordered the envelopes from Action Envelope, they're prices are awesome and they delivered so quick.
Jip en Janneke Baby Shower Invitations
I also found put together cupcake toppers with cute Jip images. Jip is the little boy and my friend is having a boy so no real need for Janneke haha!
jip cupcake toppers
Feel free to use the images I put together; invite and cupcake toppers.

I'm very excited about the baby shower! She's my first friend to have a baby and she's my best friend, so I'm super stoked! I'd love to see links to baby shower ideas if you know of any good ones! :)
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Kayla said...

Those are all so adorable! It was so sweet of you to make them for your friend! :)


Amber said...

Wow... these are amazing Becky!! You are going to be such a good auntie:)

steph dillon said...


Emma said...

How cute, I am from the Netherlands and LOVE Jip & Janneke. Their book is my favourite and one of my favourite stores is Hema because they sell everything of Jip & Janneke. From make-up to notebooks and underwear to household items. If you ever need someone to ship you some goodies ;)