Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Oh hey! Long time no blog ;) 
I miss the blog world SO much! But I have been having some crafty fun IRL haha! Olivia, my sister, and I went to a quilt show in Dunedin a few weeks back. Olivia and I have been online friends for a bit now and finally met - I've never had a blind date, but I feel like this coulda been one! haha I was nervous and excited. We had a fun time - she's very awesome! We went to Rainbow's End Quilt Shop too, I got some Halloween and baby fabric- I wish I had more time to quilt!
 Olivia taught me how to crochet little creatures (Amigurumi) I'm stoked about it! I started the little monkey above. Steph Dillon sent me the book Creepy Cute Crochet - I've wanted the book for so long but never got it for obvious reason - I didn't know how to make them! Thanks to Olivia now I do! Wootwoot! 
 Mickey got a new lamb over the weekend, my sister, Lauren got Lasik eye surgery so Eli and I made her that eyeball card up there, I've started another blanket, and I got the new 8 inch Mad Dunny! 
I tested out my new chocolate molds over the weekend. Made some staches as you can see above haha! Eli looks hilarious in this photo! They were super easy to make - maybe a little bit messy - but pretty quick and cute! 

I've been loving Pinterest lately!  It's so perfect for collecting wedding ideas! Have you tried it out yet? I think you may need an invite to join-I'm not positive though. If you have one come follow me
I hope you all are doing awesome! I need to catch up on blogging!! I MISS YOU!! :)
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misslarissabree said...

I miss you too!!! I love the chocolate staches!

Jordan said...

I have been wanting to quilt too so my sister and I decided that we would do it together (but from afar) this year. I just learned how to thread my sewing machine last week so we'll see how it goes. Your guys' eyeball card is super adorable! I've also been wanting to learn how to make amigurumi but it looks intimidating. I guess I should try and find a couple free patterns on ravelry and go for it. Any tips?

Miranda said...

Oh man, I've been dying to learn how to do Amigurumi. Its so cute, and I know Sadie would love them.

Pinterest is perfect for inspiration, and sucks my time so fast ;)

Love the staches!

sécia said...

Great mustache shot!

♥ sécia

Leia, from Circus Clouds. said...

i love the chocolate mustaches they're great!
I love the post, its so colourful and lively,
please check out my blog and maybe leave a comment,
Thanks xx

Windsor Grace said...

You're awesome! I really want to learn to quilt

HazelandMare said...

Aww! I love that little Lambchop toy! Hehe, it sounds like you have been up to some fun adventures :) I think amigurumis are so cute and I really want to learn how to do them! I have totally forgotten how to crochet though ;) Hope you have an awesome day!

Lauren said...

Thank you for bringing me fun stuff after my lasik! Best sister everrrrrrr :)

PuppyLovePrincess said...

chocolate mustaches?... YUM!

Sister Elle McCall said...

And Pinterest is the bomb. I love it so much.