Thursday, August 4, 2011

Paper Dolls by Illustrated Ink

Remember my love of paper crafts!? Well this is my heaven! Leila from Illustrated Ink is an amazing artist - look at these paper dolls! You can get your own at her etsy shop!
I'm in love with the Sword Swallowing gal, she's my favorite!
Take a look at the Mr. and Mrs. LOVE em!
man and lady paper dolls by Illustrated Ink
I've had them for some time now, and last night I put them all together! I didn't want to be rushed putting them together! Last night was the perfect time! I'm trying to figure out how I should display them in the house - any ideas?
paper dolls
Last year I put together her mermaid paper doll -see here! She hangs up in my office still! So pretty!
Homeward Bound Betty Paper Doll
There's a few more doll I want from her shop - Illustrated Ink!! Any ideas on how to display them!? Let me know! :) Hope your Thursday is very wonderful!
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sécia said...

These are fantastic! I'm loving the siamese twins.

♥ sécia

Windsor Grace said...

I love these and you should awesomely display them in shadow boxes

heather dawn said...

aww, i love the mermaid! she has the tattoo that i want! an anchor! it would be cute if you made a banner out of all of them & hung them somewhere fun in the house! like the game room or make them into magnets for the fridge!

flappergirlcreations said...

Those are amazing!

flappergirlcreations said...

Those are amazing!

chelseybell. said...

the mermaid is my favorite--but they're all awesome.

Sway said...

Oh! How rad are they!!!?

I'd grab some some really cute ornate frames (no backs) and pop them up in a pattern with the dolls in the middle of the frames (walls seen through).... but thats just me :)

Sway x

Illustrated Ink said...

Aww, Becky!! Thanks so much for the love!! You did a fantastic job cutting them out. :)

I agree with Sway, I've had people send me pics of them framed with a pretty paper background, and it's a great display.

A big hug for all of your support!xx


Charis said...

Loving these dolls!

Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

The paper dolls are absolutely gorgeous and would look amazing in shadow boxes!!! You could even create little worlds for each of them with your crafting wizardry :)