Friday, September 30, 2011

October Paper Craft Calendar

Tomorrow is October first! Wootwoot!! Scout Creative has the most awesome paper craft calendar yet! It's a mix and match Monster Mashup! October is my favorite month with my favorite holiday! Hope your weekend is wonderful!!
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Tuesday Mickey Montage

Mickey Montage
There is nothing that makes me more happy than my fat pup Mickey! He's a character! He's completely rotten but so so sweet! He's one of a kind-that's putting it nicely ;)
Mickey's interests are food, Starbucks, lambs, and sleeping. He always seems to be smiling, except when he's specifically pouting. Check him out him! hahaha!
Love his chubbiness!!!
That's all! Just had to share my puppy love today!
Hope you have a great day!
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Monday, September 26, 2011

First weekend of Fall

 This weekend I got some things done! :)
I finished my Thank You Blanket for Vera, cut out two stacks of hexagons for my Grave Yard Quilt, and started my sweet friend's afghan for her kiddo (just the cutest kid ever ever ever!)!
My sister and I went to my aunt's house all day Sunday and sewed and ate and sewed some more, it was the best!
cute sew stitch make
To start the weekend Olivia came over for a craft night, mostly we ate awesome Venezuelan food and Mickey cuddled with lambs and Olivia hahaha! Olivia has been making these wonderful cowls for her friend Rachel's new shop, which is opening Saturday Oct. 1st in St. Petersburg FL. If you're in the area you sure stop by Eugenia Woods grand opening!
The rest of the weekend I cleaned, hung out with my favorite pup, and relaxed a bit!
Now I'm looking forward to the weekend again! haha!
How about you? Looking forward to the weekend already? 

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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Always in love with Alexz from Bird Trouble's Bags and Wallets! She is one talented gal!
 Every bag is one of a kind! The one in the photo below is probably my most favorite! 
 Completely love these teeny tiny embroidered necklaces by Oh My Deer! I don't know which I love most! They're all so cute! 
 I was very stoked when I checked my email a few days ago and saw an email from Beth, a fellow crafter/book lover. She sent me the MOST awesome link to vintage paper dolls that you can print! And guess what - freenintynine! Wootwoot! I loved paper dolls as a kid, my dad would buy me a book of them and I would carefully cut each set out and play with them so cautiously haha! I knew they were so delicate! If you have a kiddo or are a big kiddo you should check out this site
Thank you Beth for the link! :) 
Hope you all are having an awesome week! 
Remember if you have any Roy G Biv or Rainbow party ideas let me know! :) 
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Roy G Biv Birthday coming up!

In the Farley Family birthdays are a big deal! My sister, Lauren is going to be 25 in October, so I was thinking a Roy G Biv birthday is in order! Why? Because rainbows are awesome!!! I've been busy on Pinterest looking for ideas, as you can see below! Yesterday I ordered rainbow suspenders from Amazon haha! I'm also getting pumped about using a bunch of food coloring! ;)

If you have any ideas I would LOVE to hear them! :) 
How do I dye my hair rainbow? It's bleached enough to work ;)
Can't wait to see your ideas!

Ahhhhh! Larissa just tweeted me this link! AMAZING!!!!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best Bud's Baby Shower!

Over the weekend we celebrated Kristin, my dearest friend and the little peanut in her belly with a Jip and Janneke Baby Shower! I hadn't seen her and her belly yet because we live in different states. I teared up majorly! She looked so beautiful!
Here are the Jip and Janneke invitations I made! Her mom and I decked the house out in Jip and Janneke decorations! This was a bit tricky because no one in the states sells Jip and Janneke anything! Thankfully, (and will need a blog post all her own) Vera from Seni with Love came to my rescue! Thank goodness for blog friends - I'm telling you! Vera lives in the Nertherlands, which is the only place Jip and Janneke items are sold, reason being is Jip and Janneke are Dutch storybook characters! But in this story Vera is the hero! I am so thankful for everything she did - I'll have a post about that very soon! 
I also made a bunch of the decorations thanks to Illustrator and Photoshop and of course the wonderful printing company Sonic Print ;)
Kristin specifically doesn't like games haha! Can't blame her, I don't want to melt chocolate bars in diapers, so we're a good pair! I saw this photo on Pinterest while back and decided to make a Kristin Baby Shower folder check it out!! So we turned this photo into a fun activity - I was a bit nervous about it because not everyone is crafty, but EVERYONE loved it and everyone painted/decorated a letter! It was a hit and now Kris' baby boy will have the whole alphabet on his wall! I made cards with the ABC Directions, see below! 
 Everyone got her awesome gifts! Thanks to Vera I was able to give her every Jip and Janneke item ever made hahaha! Be careful what you wish for haaha ;) We ate the best food thanks to her mama! She got the cutest cupcakes! And I kept my hand on Kris' belly most of the afternoon! I find baby belly moving and kicking AMAZING!!!! 
 A friend of Kris' family made her a Jip and Janneke blanket! So impressive!!! 
 I'm sad that she had to go back home and that all the planning is over, but now I can plan for the baby's arrival! I'm stoked about that! Plus we have so many Jip and Janneke decorations that kid's 1st birthday is already planned! ;) Here's more photos from the baby shower!
I'd love to know if anyone has ever heard of Jip and Janneke!? :) I'm curious! I only know of them from visiting Kris in Belgium during college! So let me know!
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

My trip to Renegade Handmade

Finally blogging about Amber and my awesome trip to Chicago to see the Renegade Craft Fair! It's been a crazy week- getting back to work, planning a baby shower, etc! 
So I packed up and headed to Kansas City MO where Amber lives. We've been blog buds for a while now and last summer we met in real life and instantly became buds! We talk/email/text pretty much everyday - she's the best!  We decided to take a train to Chicago from MO, it was such a fun time on the train! We talked and crocheted the whole way! It was awesome! 
We drink ALOT of Starbucks! :) We needed the caffeine for all the walking we did!
The Renegade Craft Fair was huge! Over 300 vendors and thousands of shoppers! 
Amber and I shopped alot and met a bunch of awesome artists! 
We met up with Alexz from Bird Trouble! We've been blog buds for a bit now - she is seriously the CUTEST!! She makes the most beautiful OOAK bags and wallets! She is one of the most talented people I know! Just go look at her etsy shop for yourself!
The next day we went shopping on Michigan Ave and went to check out Cloud Gate (the bean). The Bean never gets old haha, it's just so neat! We took a zillion photos! 

That same day we took the train back to MO. The train was a two story train and it had a viewing cart! We just had the best time ever! Amber and I wanna go again next year and take my sister and Olivia! It was that awesome! Chicago is such a great city! Oh but I also want to go back to Kansas City - who knew it had more art museums than any other city in the USA! haha Amber's husband, Scott is a bundle of knowledge and he knows SO much about Kansas City! I had my own personal tour guide! Mostly I want to go back and just hang out with Amber and Scott - they're are so wonderful! 
Here's all the photos from our Renegade trip! If you get a chance to go to any of the Renegade Craft Fairs you should definitely go! Here's the Renegade schedule
Have a wonderful Sunday! :)
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back from Renegade

Just got back last night from the most fun weekend ever! Spent all weekend with my sweet sweet friend Amber from Hoot-n-Annie! We took a train from Kansas City, MO to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago!  I'll be back later with all the fun stories, our loot, and a bunch more! :) If you went I'd love to hear your stories! Here are a few of our Renegade Photos
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Harry Potter Birthday!

 Daniel is my bestie coworker! We've worked together for 3 years at Sonic Print! We always had cool birthday office parties for each other, just see here, here, and here! He out did himself with the Dexter Kill Room Birthday! hahaha! So this year he got a Harry Potter Birthday! Lucky we week at a printer, because most of the decorations were printed! The Birthday banner was 5x7's using the Harry Potter font! I got the chocolate frog boxes and the Bertie Botts boxes from this etsy shop. You just buy the PDFs and print out the boxes and put them all together. I'm not gonna lie the chocolate frog boxes were a HUGE pain in the butt to put together! I downloaded the ButterBeer labels here and just put them IBC rootbeer bottles! Here's more free labels. I made the undesirable No. 1 poster here. I made a bunch of chocolate frogs last night, but forgot them at the fridge at home :( I was so bummed! 
Daniel was pretty stoked, and that's all I wanted! :)
Happy Harry Potter Birthday to you Daniel!!! 
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oh hey!

Hey gang! Go check out the new cute blog Southern Sisters! I did a guest post there today! :)
Oh and who's going to the Renegade Craft in Chicago!?
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Paper People Shadow Box

A few weeks ago I put together this awesome paper people by Illustrated Ink and I wanted to display them in a cute way. Many of you suggested a shadow box! So tada! They're hanging in there by strings. I positioned their bodies how I wanted them and closed it up. Pretty easy! Go check out Illustrated Ink the blog and if your in love with the paper people (which I'm guessing you are because they are amazing) go check out Illustrated Ink on etsy! Can't wait to hang this up in the house! :) 
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Angry Bird Cupcakes!

You may remember we LOVE Angry Birds! I've been wanting to make Angry Bird Cupcakes all August, mostly for my dad's birthday - he's a huge Angry Birds fan! I finally found time this weekend to make them with Eli. I let him cut up all the candy to decorate the birds - he was stoked! 
 We bought a bunch of candy to decorate the birds- orange slices for the beaks, black licorice for the eyes and eyebrows, marshmallows (both big and small), jelly beans for the eggs and pig ears. Oh and we used green, blue, red, and yellow food coloring on the icing! 
 Hahaha check these guys out! We've got the yellow triangle guys, the tiny blue ones, and the big fat red ones! We also made a few piggies, a nest, and a (pretzel) sling shot!
By the end of the night I was sick from eating SO much candy haha! Eli is a marshmallow fiend! 
We had some friends and family over Monday for Labor Day and everyone had Angry Bird Cakes! We taught my Nanny all about Angry Birds and Eli gave my dad some pro-tips haha! ;)
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Hopefully some of you have a short work week! :)
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Monday, September 5, 2011

September Paper Craft Calendar

I've been really looking forward to the month of September! First I am going to hang out with the wonderful Amber Cox from Hoot-n-Annie and were taking a train to Chicago to see the Renegade Fair Fest- SO STOKED!! Another equally excited event is my best friend's baby shower- can't even put my excitement into words!! And there's birthdays even another weekend! :) I'm happy September is here!
I was finally able to print out this month paper craft calendar from Scout Creative (aka Curiosity Group-they changed their name). I had a bit of trouble printing from the pdf, I ended up taking screen shots and printing from those haha! May not be the highest resolution, but that doesn't really matter! ;)

So anyone else going to the Renegade Craft Fair this year!? If you are let me know and we can meet up!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September 1st.......60 days til Halloween!

Today I wasn't able to print the Curiosity Group's paper craft calendar, because it kept wrecking photoshop and the digital printer - whompwhomp - maybe tomorrow! So in the mean time I wanted to remind you my favorite time of the year is right around the corner- HALLOWEEN! To celebrate I got a new phone cover, and not just any cover, but a MyPaperCrane Halloween iphone cover, which I LOVE so much! If her etsy shop is out you can find her adorable honey bear iphone cover at Nordstroms! Here's the link
I'm getting excited about our family's annual Halloween party! Plus both my siblings are back in town, so it's going to be better than ever! We just need to brain storm a theme and costumes! A few years ago we did Vampires - here's our costumes and here are the in-bites! Last year we were dead things - here's the invites; black on black! In 2008 we were Side Show Freaks or Freakie Farleys! My family is AWESOME when it comes to Halloween! I'm stoked! We have the best time together -in my opinion it's better than 10 Christmas combined! :) 
I'd love to hear any Halloween themes you've done in the past or if you have theme you think would be great for our party! Seriously let me know in the comments! 
Happy 60 days til Halloween!
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