Monday, September 26, 2011

First weekend of Fall

 This weekend I got some things done! :)
I finished my Thank You Blanket for Vera, cut out two stacks of hexagons for my Grave Yard Quilt, and started my sweet friend's afghan for her kiddo (just the cutest kid ever ever ever!)!
My sister and I went to my aunt's house all day Sunday and sewed and ate and sewed some more, it was the best!
cute sew stitch make
To start the weekend Olivia came over for a craft night, mostly we ate awesome Venezuelan food and Mickey cuddled with lambs and Olivia hahaha! Olivia has been making these wonderful cowls for her friend Rachel's new shop, which is opening Saturday Oct. 1st in St. Petersburg FL. If you're in the area you sure stop by Eugenia Woods grand opening!
The rest of the weekend I cleaned, hung out with my favorite pup, and relaxed a bit!
Now I'm looking forward to the weekend again! haha!
How about you? Looking forward to the weekend already? 

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Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

Yes, I am most definitely ready for the weekend already :)

And your crafting weekend sounded awesome!! I wish more of my friends were crafty, but alas it's usually just the fuzzies keeping me company...but they're pretty awesome so it's all good :)

Carrie said...

looks like you had a pretty good weekend! I love the colors of afghan


stefani said...

Sounds like a fun crafty weekend. :-)

LC & moods said...

work in progress here!!! lovely things!!! bisette from french reader :)

Amy H. said...

Um so I think we need a craft weekend met up, I will bring Sara!

Ms. Megan said...

What a wonderful weekend!!
I love those blankets!!

Eugenia Woods said...

Thank you, Becky!!! You are so sweet to give our store a shout out! I can't wait to meet you on Saturday!

miss teacups. said...

you have the most perfect eyebrows, have i ever told you that?? i think it ALL the time when i see photos of you !!

Amber said...

I love that Mickey is all up in Olivia's lap while she is crocheting!! Too cute! Looks like you had a fun wknd. I can't wait to see your progress on that quilt. Someday I will tackle that craft and make one!
PS: I want to move to FL

allie o'bannon said...

what an awesome quilt! i'm dying to try my hand at it soonish.

Windsor Grace said...

I thought I was really crafty until I started reading your blog. You put me to shame.