Sunday, September 18, 2011

My trip to Renegade Handmade

Finally blogging about Amber and my awesome trip to Chicago to see the Renegade Craft Fair! It's been a crazy week- getting back to work, planning a baby shower, etc! 
So I packed up and headed to Kansas City MO where Amber lives. We've been blog buds for a while now and last summer we met in real life and instantly became buds! We talk/email/text pretty much everyday - she's the best!  We decided to take a train to Chicago from MO, it was such a fun time on the train! We talked and crocheted the whole way! It was awesome! 
We drink ALOT of Starbucks! :) We needed the caffeine for all the walking we did!
The Renegade Craft Fair was huge! Over 300 vendors and thousands of shoppers! 
Amber and I shopped alot and met a bunch of awesome artists! 
We met up with Alexz from Bird Trouble! We've been blog buds for a bit now - she is seriously the CUTEST!! She makes the most beautiful OOAK bags and wallets! She is one of the most talented people I know! Just go look at her etsy shop for yourself!
The next day we went shopping on Michigan Ave and went to check out Cloud Gate (the bean). The Bean never gets old haha, it's just so neat! We took a zillion photos! 

That same day we took the train back to MO. The train was a two story train and it had a viewing cart! We just had the best time ever! Amber and I wanna go again next year and take my sister and Olivia! It was that awesome! Chicago is such a great city! Oh but I also want to go back to Kansas City - who knew it had more art museums than any other city in the USA! haha Amber's husband, Scott is a bundle of knowledge and he knows SO much about Kansas City! I had my own personal tour guide! Mostly I want to go back and just hang out with Amber and Scott - they're are so wonderful! 
Here's all the photos from our Renegade trip! If you get a chance to go to any of the Renegade Craft Fairs you should definitely go! Here's the Renegade schedule
Have a wonderful Sunday! :)
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Alycia said...

looks like an awesome time! i have never gone to a renegade craft fair but would love to eventually one day :)

Amber said...

Oh man... I seriously had the best time ever!! We seriously crocheted and talked for almost 14 hours!! Lol!! You are the best and I can't wait to come see you in March:) Woot!!

O. said...

It looks like you two had lots of fun!!! I'm in for next year's trip :)

chelseybell. said...

it seems like you guys had the best time!

Windsor Grace said...

Having crafting friends is the best! Looks like a blast!

Meredith Paige said...

Adore the black and white stripes. Also loving the hello kitty cell phone case! Cute cute cute!

I am following your blog going forward via bloglovin'. Keep the great posts coming!

Meredith Paige said...

Also loving the swoop bangs! Your hair is a lot like mine but you have the blonde version (soo cute and wishing mine was the same color!) Maybe one day! :)

Jessea Knight said...

Just joined- cool beans!!

Vera said...

Hi Becky!

Finally time for reading your blog and stories :) I didn't know Amber and you are friends ha ha I also know her from the RVA classes :) I loved reading your story and looking at the pictures. The Renegade Craft Fair rocks (to bad that it's really to far away for me ha ha). Maybe i should combine it once with a trip to Chigago ;) XO. Vera

Charis said...

Great post, sounds like you had so much fun!