Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Paper People Shadow Box

A few weeks ago I put together this awesome paper people by Illustrated Ink and I wanted to display them in a cute way. Many of you suggested a shadow box! So tada! They're hanging in there by strings. I positioned their bodies how I wanted them and closed it up. Pretty easy! Go check out Illustrated Ink the blog and if your in love with the paper people (which I'm guessing you are because they are amazing) go check out Illustrated Ink on etsy! Can't wait to hang this up in the house! :) 
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Zombie Queen said...

I have some of her paper dolls that I have yet to put together. I wasn't sure how I wanted to display them. I LOVE the shadow box idea, though :) Thanks for sharing.

miss teacups. said...

i love that style...soo cute! you're so creative becky.

ps: i miss you, a whole lot!!

Grateful4Crochet said...

so checking out illustrated ink because your paper peeps look adorable! Also love your "thats what she said" sign in the background