Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Tuesday Mickey Montage

Mickey Montage
There is nothing that makes me more happy than my fat pup Mickey! He's a character! He's completely rotten but so so sweet! He's one of a kind-that's putting it nicely ;)
Mickey's interests are food, Starbucks, lambs, and sleeping. He always seems to be smiling, except when he's specifically pouting. Check him out him! hahaha!
Love his chubbiness!!!
That's all! Just had to share my puppy love today!
Hope you have a great day!
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sécia said...

LOL. Awesome.

♥ sécia

Lauren said...

oh mixture...you're such a cute little tubby tub. your jiggly rolls make me happy when i pet you each day.

aunt lauren

allie o'bannon said...

awww! i love your mickey montage! if only my baby would hold still long enough for me to snap some super cute pics of him.

The Prairie Hen said...

What a little super star!

Candice said...

Adorable! I love to take pics of my pups as well =) They never fail to make me smile. Mickey's gorgeous!

O. said...

I love Mickey and his chunkiness!