Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costumes of Halloween's Past

As you may know I LOVE Halloween - very much! I thought it'd be fun and funny to share some past Halloween costumes me and the Farley family have sported! In no particular order.......
1. VampOween: We were all vampires!! Got on that bandwagon obviously! 2. 1930 Circus Freaks! 3. I went to a buds Halloween party and I had to be a dead person, so I was Jayne Mansfield! 4. Last year we were dead things, i.e. Mummies! 
1. One of my favorites from the first Farley Family Halloween Party, Oz Fest or more commonly know as the Wizard of Oz! 2. Oh yes, the year I was Cyndi Lauper!  Would that be the equivalent of letting your 5 year old dress up as Lady Gaga?! That's a real question! 3. bahahahaha Farley Kids - just funny! 4. A smurf! 
1. My best bud, Kris and I were Britney -during the Black Out album, when she was all a mess and Kris was Lindsay Lohan = Train Wreck Costume! 2. This year we really got into face paint! hahaha 3. Highschool years - geez, so creative I was a cat (eye roll) 4. Dr. Danny, Miss America Becky, and cute little witch Lauren!
We've had some good Halloweens!
 Thank goodness I have such an understanding and awesome family!
Thank you Farleys for always dressing up and being the best!

What was your most favorite costume you've worn?! Have you ever been in a group costume? I wanna know! :) 
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Lisa said...

Love these costumes!! Halloween is my favorite holiday!

hayley said...

My favorite costume of yours is definatly the smurf one. That just put a smile on my face. :)

taryn said...

love love love!

Carrie said...

love these so cute!!

Velma said...

LOVE these!!! Cyndi Lauper might be my fav of yours!!

At work one year I was Velma the Cancer Slayer! It was a nonprofit cancer organization and most people grouped their costumes around those themes. I didn't win anything but I had fun quoting Buffy!!