Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Florida Keys Weekend Adventure

Weekend Adventures
The weather is get'n chilly, but not in south Florida! We packed up and headed to our pirate hideout in the Keys. I guess there's not too many more weekends of warm water and warm waters, so Brian got some more lobsters.....and zero fish hahaha! Eli caught one though ;) The Gulf water is filled with these beautiful but harmful Moon Jellies (see second photo)! Luckily no one got stung. We at a the Lorelei Restaurant, which is named after that giant mermaid in the 4th photo, told Brian we have to name our first baby girl after her hahaha! I think he'll go for it, what little girl wouldn't wanna be named after a mermaid!? Eli and I stopped in the gas stations of the way home to get goof Florida toys-always fun! ;)
I made a lot of progress on a blanket for one of the cutest kiddos ever! And now were home! So much laundry to do, so much work to catch up on!
I've been feeling a bit guilty lately - I have been neglecting my REAL camera and my favorite blogs, know why? - Instagram! DundunDundun!! It's my favorite new social networking tool (sounds funny to say)! Who needs a giant camera?! Or blogs haha Instagram is the best, except you need an iPhone but if you don't there's always instagrid, here's mine! My favorite holiday is coming up so I'm going to start taking REAL photos with my REAL camera, Halloween deserves the REAL thing ;)
Oh and don't forget about Flickr! I miss Flickr too! Here's our Fall on Flickr so far!
Anyone else have this feeling lately?
Hope your weekend was great and I hope your week is even better!

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heather dawn said...

Yes! I feel exactly the same about cameras & instagram! Lol. But I love it I take one photo & it goes everywhere I want it too flickr facebooke & twitter!
I wouldn love to be named after a mermaid! My friends daughter's name is lorelei! it's such a pretty name! And I can't wait till you have some little munchkins ofnyour own! Your so awesome with Eli... He's a lucky kid to have you around crafting bat snowflakes & giving him donuts!! Lol.

Carrie said...

looks like a great weekend! I am still one of those that just has a plain ole cell phone and I broke the camera not on purpose of course lol

I am working a new afghan inspired by the colors of the last one you finished I think :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

looks like so much fun!!
and i know exactly how you feel. i've been on the instagram kick too and neglected everything else. i almost completely forgot about flickr (although I blame some of that on pinterest too).

paperpocket said...

I so want instagram...but i'm an android girl.

allie o'bannon said...

gorgeous! you take the best instagram pictures.

The Fancy Lady said...

im in florida right now for two weeks lol that looks like fun, to bad im pretty sure were at the opposite ends of the state i would love to meet up with you while im here lol

Amber said...

I feel so out of the loop it is crazy! Thank goodness for Instagram! How else would I know what my favorite gal from FL is doing? Lol! Seriously! This is the first time I have been on blogger in over a week! Yikes! I have to get back into the swing of things!