Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Haunted Arcade Halloween Party

Haunted Acrade Halloween Party Invitation
This Halloween our party theme was Game Over, A Haunted Arcade! I made the invitation to look like a pinball game, I used images from Haunted House and Monster Bash and combined them to make one game haha. October has been crazy, I would have like to make it cooler, but I just ran out of time!

My family all dressed up, because they are awesome! Brian and I were Mario and Princess Peach - arcade themed ;) But my grandma had the best costume, she was a panhandler hahaha in Tampa we have a HUGE panhandler problem - she's so cute!! 

But the Belle of the Ball was Daniel dressed in drag as me hahahaha yes it was disturbing, but hilarious! Daniel and I work together and are best buds at work - I'd go crazy without him. He said he was going to be me when I asked him about Halloween and I just laughed and figured he'd be some video game character, but nope he was me haha! His sister drew tattoos all over him, he got a bleached wig, ring, Starbucks cup, and a Mickey plushie!
He posed with Brian haha, my siblings and my whole family as me! 
The cherry on the cake was his Gay Laced tattooed legs, my legs say Straight Laced hahahaha so Daniel made the tattoo work for him - it fits! I did his eye makeup ps ;) This made my Halloween ps!
 Everyone played lots of games and ate lots of food! Brian got BBQ for us and it was the best ever! Lauren and Eli made a zillion yummy cupcakes, all perfectly decorated for Halloween!
Here are some Haunted Arcade decorations - Boo Ghosts from Mario! Here's some more and more.
The kids bobbed for apples, a Halloween tradition around our house! Eli really had to work for it - he cracked me up - he was soaked! He finally got one though and then preceded to get all the apples (once everyone went) he likes to be the best haha.
It was so much fun, but went by too quick! I need another week or two of Halloween please!!! 
How about you? Are you a Halloween lover too?!
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miss teacups. said...

whaaaat? are all those arcade games in your house?! amazinggggg!!

and daniel as you is so freaking funny! i love all of the thought that went into it. gay laced, good!!

happy belated halloween miss becky! i know it's your favourite time of the year! you should have costume parties more, i love dressing up!!

Victoria Gayle said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Carrie said...

I seriously just called my son in here to see your pin ball machines that is so cool! I am a little jealous because I love love pinball

great party

eef said...

OMG, I LOVE Daniel's costume! that is hilarious!!!

looks like a really fun party!

Jamie said...

I loveeee daniel's costume! So hilarious! You guys look like such a fun bunch! <3

mary said...

What an honor to have someone dress as you! Love your grandma's costume. :)

O. said...

so fun!!!! I really sucked at that Simpsons one

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

wow- those photos are amazing!! and i love that your friend dressed up like you, hysterical!!!

Katelyn said...

LOVE!! You all look so adorable! What a fun Halloween :)