Friday, November 25, 2011

Pinball & Crochet Weekend

I suppose since it's almost the weekend I should finally post last weekend's fun! We all headed to Orlando! Lauren, Eli and I went to hang out with Sara and her adorable little gal Lilly - you know them from Prairie Hen! Of course I wished we lived closer, she's such a sweet gal and Lilly is too cute! Here's Eli and Lilly playing with their pup Liberty! Then we headed over to the Southern Pinball Festival
It was a ton of fun, watching Eli is the BEST! 
Southern Pinball Festival
Love this last photo of Lauren and Eli SO much! 
On Sunday we headed over to St. Petersburg (yes we literally drive a zillion miles in all directions) to see the Fox families. Eli is about the same age as two of our little cousins and they all have a blast together! They played in the pool all afternoon, then we ate the best steak my aunt grilled on a giant salt block, and then I taught the kiddos to "crochet" ha! Mostly they just chained, but it was so cute and they made a bunch of crocheted bracelets! SO cute! 
crocheting cousins weekend
It was a great weekend! I'm really looking forward to this up coming weekend! My best bud is having her baby boy! I'm so so so excited for her! Have a wonderful weekend!
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Chloe said...

I'm dying over that fox print blouse. Where on earth did you get it?!