Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vera is my hero!

vera my hero
Many of you may know Vera from Seni with Love, but you may not know she completely came to my rescue this summer! She is officially my hero! This summer my best friend Kris and her hubby got pregnant - they were OVER the moon! And I was over the milky way! haha! Kris and I chatted everyday about the baby. One day we started talking about the baby shower and what she would want, and she or I (I honestly forget who) thought a Jip and Janneke baby room/baby shower would be incredible! Jip and Janneke are these two clever/mischievous/funny story book characters from the Netherlands. Problem is- you can only find/buy them in the Netherlands. After that conversation I went straight to the HEMA website (think Dutch Target) and put every single Jip and Janneke item in my cart and I couldn't check out - whompwhomp!!! They wouldn't ship to the states. I racked my brain! Who could I ask!?! Then I remembered Vera! I followed her blog and Flickr since I started blogging. I felt SO odd asking her for help, not because I didn't think she was awesome because I did, but because I feel like it was a pain in the butt for her to do, but I got over that and emailed her! haha! She said yes!!! I was so so stoked! And Kris was going to be stoked too! 
Strumpet afghan
As a thank you, I asked Vera to pick out colors for an afghan! She picked pink, purple, white, and grey - loved it! So during our zillion emails back and forth, me paypaling all my Jip and Janneke monies to her, tweets, etc. I crocheted this blanket just for Vera and all her amazing help! She deserved 10 blankets!! :)
Vera basically set me every Jip and Janneke item HEMA had haha! Kris' baby boy better LOVE Jip and Janneke! Kris' mom and I decorated the her baby shower in all Jip and Janneke stuff - it was perfect! Vera sent 4 boxes filled with Jip and Janneke stuff all the way from the Netherlands, and I know it was n't easy! She's such a wonderful lady! Thank you so much Vera! 
Jip and Janneke baby gifts galore
Kris is due any day now! I just can't wait! Thank you Vera for making Kris the happiest pregnant gal ever! You are the best!!! 
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Grateful4Crochet said...

That is such a nice story!!

Sway said...

Wow! What a total sweetheart! Thats a fantastic story - thanks for sharing! And that afghan is beautiful too!
Sway xx

chelseybell. said...

what a great story! it's great that you were able to get all the stuff you wanted, and that a blogger friend helped you out in such a huge way. warms my heart!

winkieflash said...

I love everything in this post. <3