Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Veterans day
I know a few veterans, but the most nearest and dearest is my grandfather, Ray C Farley. Here are some photos, here, and here. Here's more about him. He was in Vietnam, traveled all over the world, he was in the air force til he retired. He'll always be larger than life to me, he past away when I was a year old. I still love hearing stories about him and I can't wait to tell me kids  the stories. For example: he would breathe fire for all the kids in the neighbor where my dad grew up, he was so big and tall, that when I was bored he held me with one hand (I loved that story as a kid - he was a Paul Bunyan figure in my eyes), he raised birds and albino rabbits, he made my grandma all her jewelry from gems and stones he collected around the world, he photographed EVERYTHING, he was as handsome as a movie star, he was a bit wild in his younger years - luckily he had my grandma, Billie June Farley, simply the toughest, sweetest person I know.
That said, I want to honor the ladies (and fellas) who stay home with the kiddos while there other half is away! That is the MOST difficult job. My grandma just it - for a long time. And her kids turned out 100% awesome too! She's amazing! AMAZING! She's the best person I know.........
Go give a veteran you know a hug and their other half a bigger one! :) 
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Vintage Love and Photographs said...

As someone that is married to a Veteran it makes me happy to see you acknowledge this special day as it seems most crafty bloggers seem to skip the importance of this day, at least with blogging about it. So thank you :)