Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Adventures

This weekend the boys and I stayed in town (next weekend is the pinball show in Orlando haha who's going!?). We half cleaned up the Halloween decorations - who still has theirs up? haha Please tell me I'm not the only one! My friend Daniel came over Saturday night to take photos of our pinball games, because Brian and him are making a pinball calendar! And so am I - mine it going to be the Girls of Pinball (not actual girls, just the ladies on the pinball machines; bride of pinbot, pride of Frankenstein, etc! :) 
We thought it would be fun to go the Rib Fest in St. Pete Sunday, but we got all the way there and there was a sign - NO DOGS ALLOWED! whompwhomp! No big deal! We made the best of it and went to the dog friendly Dunedin! We ate at the Dunedin Smokehouse - it was SO good! Then we took Eli to a skate park/regular park - played a bunch. 
Leo's blanket!!!! @virginiejolie I want to hand deliver it!!
I finished my most favorite afghan yet for lil Leo, a friend's adorable little boy! I'm so in love with this one! Wish I could hand deliver it to them! :) 

Also this weekend Olivia and I added a bunch new handmade items on to Oh Strumpets and we've started an Oh Strumpets Blog! To take a look - it's brand new! We are so stoked about the new shop and blog! Hope you love it! We are going to have a holiday craft swap very soon! Get ready!
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Carrie said...

oh wow I love the colors so much!!!!

mary said...

I have paper bats all over my apartment, but I also have a christmas tree up - whoops!
Love that afghan!

Michele said...

Those spin circles at the park are so crazy hard! Love the blanket! AND the new shop :)

amanda said...

you & olivia are so freaking cute!