Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Gamer Holidays

8 bit holiday wreath from Think Geek - yea I got it with my Geek Points for FREEnintynine! ;)

Holiday Space Invaders Tee from Don't Blink Tees!

Pacman cookie cutters! YES PLEASE! I can't use this Wanelo site without a Facebook? Is that the case? I don't have Facebook but I want to order stuff from here!! I'm annoyed!

Here's a DIY Pacman Cookies! No fancy cookie cutters needed! :) 

I am in LOVE with this Pacman and Ghost Garland! I saw it on Danielle Thompson's amazing blog! She's doing a 55 days of Vintage Christmas! Everything is so great! Her home is AMAZING! 
Anyone have any other awesome Happy Gamer Holiday ideas!? I'd LOVE to see em! I should make a Pinterest board just for these huh?! I think I will! :) 
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Grateful4Crochet said...

I love the pacman garland, and the cookies, wait I think I love them all!!! Heading over now to Danielle Thompsons blog to check it out. Cheers for the link.
Wish I had gamer holiday ideas- will start thinking about them. Just have the obligatory Nightmare Before Christmas stuff.
Love this post!!

winkieflash said...

You're right; this is awesome :D
*mental note; get. those. cookie. cutters!*

eef said...

ahhhh i love this list! i want all these things!

Diana @ Collage Ideas said...

I find the pacman garland so amazing. I am thinking of creating one for our home. Thanks for the idea.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

auhh-mazing!! love these photos~!

rachael said...

ohh these are super cute! love all the gaming nerd holiday gear!

sdillondesign said...

1. I need that shirt! 2. That garland is so cool! Thanks for sharing Becky!

Kimberly said...

How did she do them? You have to have a special gift to create such lovely Christmas decorations. Last year I got a Buenos Aires temporary rent for the Holidays season when I made this trip. The place they gave me was full of decorations, colors, stars and a wonderful tree. I simply loved it!