Monday, December 5, 2011

New Baby

Last weekend my best friend had a perfect baby boy. They named him Wolfie (wolfgang) and he could NOT have been cuter! Or more giant - he was 9lbs 5oz! My friend is very very tiny, it's amazing to me that she was able to carry him! This is my first friend to have a baby, so this was an incredible learning experience! I have a HUGE new respect for all moms! 
New baby boy

I could have held Wolfie forever! He smelled so good! He didn't cry a ton, even when he did it didn't bother me much haha! He was just so sweet and snuggly! Of course this make me want a baby more than I already did! Though I saw it's no walk in the park - my friend and her husband were so so tired. And breast feeding is pretty trick huh?! But obviously necessary! 
My friend's parents and I stayed there a few days helping with the baby and just normal day to day things. I wish I could have done more! It was such a good experience and I am SO SO happy I got to be there with them! Meeting little Wolfie was so wonderful!  

While I was there I explored Alexandria, VA which is so pretty! The weather was perfect! I sat outside near the water and crocheted one afternoon - it was heaven! In Old Town I fell in love with The Paper Source shop - just look at these paper crafts!  I wanted everything! I got a few paper crafts for Eli and I to do together- pretty stoked about those! 
DC and VA weekend new baby
Sure was sad to leave! I'm sure Wolfie will grow very quickly! :) 
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Grateful4Crochet said...

what a cute baby, love that name too!! Wolfie- what an awesome and strong name

Jess Amazing said...

Definitely adorable and fantastic name!

There's a Paper Source here in SoCal, too. Some awesome stuff. They have a website --- --- and an adorable catalog each month. Gotta love it.

stephanie said...

Aww, Wolfie is precious! Becky, you are going to be a great mom one day!