Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Elves on the Shelves

Our Elves
We have elves (plural) on our shelves! :)
They are so tricky! Just look! I made a whole flickr set for them! Pitt is our top Elf, see the last photo, you may know him I think he's starring in an Elf On The Shelf movie soon! Ha!
Do you have an elf or two on your shelves? ;) Ours are in the fridge, playing chest, hanging out in drawers, making snow/flour angels, spelling words with letterpress blocks, etc. :) 
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Velma said...

so awesome!

Jacy said...

We have two!! Crazy lil guys!!

Windsor Grace said...

I never heard of elves on shelves until this year. They're pretty cool, I can't wait to get one.