Friday, December 16, 2011

Perfect Paper Snowflakes DIY


Eli has started making his snowflakes again this year! I just LOVE that he wants to fill the windows! Makes me so happy! He still has a ways to go!

making flakes <3
Everyone has been asking how the snowflakes turn out so great, the secret is in the fold!
Last year I did a how to make the perfect snowflake tutorial!
It should help with the folds!
Trust me your flakes will look awesome! :)

Here's last year's snowflakes! So beautiful! I didn't wanna take them down! :)
Decking the halls!!
If you make the perfect paper snowflake please email me photos! I'd love to see them!
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Dawniepants said...

So So Adoreable I want to try these!

Dez Schwartz said...

I love making paper snowflakes & thankfully my daughter is finally the age where I have been able to start showing her how to make them. It's one of the best craft projects of all-time! :)

Courtney said...

Those are beyond amazing. My nephew is starting with the paper snowflakes not too (only once he is done cutting them I can never find where they end up!)