Monday, December 19, 2011

Straw Star Tree Topper DIY

We didn't have a special Christmas Tree Topper, so Eli and I decided to make one! 
Straw Star Christmas Tree Topper DIY
What you need:
1. foam ball
2. paper towel roll
3. straws
4. glitter
5. spray glue
6. one awesome, crafty kiddo's help ;)
We stuck the paper towel roll into the foam ball (I took the hot glue gun and put a bit on there so it'd stick well) then I let Eli go to town stick'n the straws all over! Took longer than I thought haha! Then we sprayed the glue all over it and poured the glitter on! :) We let it dry over night! Then we took red streamers and wrapped the paper towel roll up. Brian had to put it on the top on the tree! Eli said he liked the way it turned out, and that's all I wanted! :) 
Christmas Tree Decorating
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Lost Cabin Vintage said...

Ok, so this is officially THE COOLEST tree topper I have ever seen! Way to go guys!
Toni xo

Molly Le Blanc said...

Hi Becky Farley! That tree topper is the absolute coolest. We need a tree topper, so I think I might have to make it!

Flourish and Fancy said...

Looks great!!!

Carrie said...

love it

Velma said...


Kayla said...

That is awesome!! Where did you get those cool straws?

knitxcore. said...

omaigosh! i love it!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

thats awesome!! i totally have to try that next year!

Courtney said...

That is SERIOUSLY awesome!

Meg said...

i'm going to do this with my daughter's kindergarten class, except we'll use painted/glittered wooden craft sticks.
what lengths were your straws? approximately how long did it take your son? how far in did he insert the straws?
thanks for your help and idea!!