Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You Sneaky Elves!

@virginiejolie Pitt our elf has some of Charlotte's clothes on! ;) cross dressing elf! #elfontheshelf I thank @laurenmf13 for this idea ❤
Oh our crazy elves! Pitt and the gang were caught trying on Charlotte's blythe doll clothes! Cross dressing elves! And look Pitt made himself a cup of black (soy cause). 
The bare cup was bothering me lol so I gave him some black coffee (or soy sauce!!) lol k gotta get some zZzzZzZ #elfontheshelf

Then just when I thought Elves were pacifists, we catch them routing on the Rock Em Sock Em Robots! ;) 
Rock em Sock em Elves

I thought elves were pacifists!  shows you how much I thought ha! #elfontheshelf #rockemsockem #robots
ps typically I hate watching goofy youtube stuff hahaha but this is the funniest thing EVER
Watch it to the end! You sneaky Mom!
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taryn said...

i love your elves!

Windsor Grace said...

How can you hate watching stuff on You Tube? That's pretty much all I do all day. AND, those shelf elves are amazing AND dood, I love that video.

Tiffany said...

Love the Rock Em Sock Em pic. So creative!

Grateful4Crochet said...

Awesome elves!!!
For some reason the link wouldn't work on my computer- bummer!!

knitxcore. said...


starsanderin said...