Monday, February 28, 2011

My sidekick Mickey!

Many of you know my little sidekick, Mickey! He's my sweet fat Maltese puppy for those of you who don't! He's going to be 3 years old in March! I got Mickey to be my protector when I lived all alone in my old apartment, obviously he's the best attack dog ever (eye-roll)! I love collecting Mickey-like things or Mickey crafts. Here are a few awesome Mickey crafts and things! I made a Mickey cubee craft! Amanda the Fanciest Lady I know made Mickey into a cookie once! The only trick Mickey knows is "Wanna go to Starbucks?" and he races to the front door! Steph Dillon made the MOST awesome Strumpet's Crumpets illustration EVER ever EVER, which included a giant, adorable Mickey! Mick has been a St. Patty's mascot - kinda! My first and once felting experiment was making a teeny felted Mickey! Silje painted the fanciest Mickey portrait! I made Mickey flocked Christmas cards one year! Oh and Mickey has his own Flickr set called Puppy Love here! So So so obnoxious right hahaha! I know! I know! Seriously I do! ;)
So to keep the cuteness going Dana from Wonder Forest Critters made this completely adorable Mickey plushie! She has a Maltese pup too, so I have a feeling she knows how great little Mickster is! ;) Bet she'd plush-out your pup is you asked! 
Now tell me about your puppy love at home or you crazy cat lovers, I guess you can tell us about the day your cat didn't scratch you! hahaha jk cats are cute - sometimes! ;) 

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend So Far!

It's starting to feel a bit Springy around here! It was so pretty outside today!
My mom, dad, and I sat outside with the pups watching the lil bit build ramps and dig holes (you know stuff kids do best)! Mickey was in heaven because he just got cuddled all day!
 I officially stopped drinking diet coke, because I found out the sweeteners can make you gain weight! Plus it's not good for my teeth or my body in general haha! But I'm not giving up my Starbucks! 
It's the cold coffee and tank tops part of the year! I'm stoked! You like my skeleton tank? I do!
 Here's my Spring colored afghan so far! It was a bit difficult with Mickey in my lap, but I'm use to it! If you get a chance tomorrow you should craft outside, it will put a smile on your face guaranteed! ;)
Something else that put I smile on my face, this Dievas Dunny! It's 8 inches and flocked (twss)! hehe! It's completely cute! Can't wait to put it up at work with the rest of the gang!
Ok now I know a pup and lil boy who both need a bath - for real! PU! 
So how's your weekend so far!? Any awesome projects?
Have a WONDERFUL rest of the weekend! 
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

things I'm lovin' so much

 The always awesome Heidi Kenney has new giant plushes coming out on Kidrobot March 3rd! I can't wait! Everyone needs a giant cupcake or icecream sandwich in their house, at least I do! ;) 
Check out Jim Doran's very clever and very tiny art! It's so awesome! The one he did above is in an iPod shuffle container! The one he did in an Altoids small container is called Muse Ut Vos Postulo Suus" and I just love it!
Are you or were you addicted to Angry Birds!? I was but I beat the whole game so far so they need to have an update soon!!! Look what Karla over at the Itsy Bitsy Spider made! Crocheted Angry Birds!! She's so cool! :) Eli is going to LOVE these once I learn to make these lil guys! I really really want to learn! Then we can launch them at each other at home or at the office! haha!
And these beautiful granny squares! Dana from Crafty Minx set a whole blog called A Granny A Day! Check it out! There's going to be 365 squares! I double dare you to make all 365! :)  

So you can see why I love these four clever crafty people SO much!! Go check out their sites! What are you lovin' lately? Share a link with us! :)
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Carnival Wedding Update

As you know we are having a Carnival Wedding!
So look what I got! Straws and popcorn bags from Hey Yoyo and Bake it Pretty!
 Pretty darn perfect for a carnival wedding!
Carnival Wedding Stuff
Oh and red, white, and blue twine just in case!
 Please understand that in NO way am I being patriotic ;) these are just the perfect carnival colors!
Carnival Wedding Stuff
I found the cutest red shoes here!
They are so perfect! Not too high of a heel! Which will be perfect for my dress!
 And the most perfect red! And when it's reception time I'll change into some comfy red converse! 
Next on the list, besides a date, are these wonderful custom banners from Ay Mujer
I've loved them for so so long! Now I have a perfect reason to get them! 
When we were at the Fair, Brian was like, "how much do you think these funnel cake and candy cotton stands go for on ebay!?" hahaha! What a nut! I feel like we may have one at the wedding! That'd be kinda crazy! 
I love the emails I get from you guys with wedding ideas! Look at this one
Keep them coming! I love them! 
I'm getting pretty excited! I just need to sit down and pick a date and place! haha! There's just not enough time in the day, but Farley Family no worries I know it's important! Soon I promise! ;)

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zodiac Embroidery

Over the weekend I started this adorable zodiac embroidery kit from Miniature Rhino
Here's what's in the kit! Perfect!
I'm an Aquarius ps - the water sign! There was a song written about us Aquarii (plural for Aquarius - maybe). When I was younger (meaning age 10 to 13) I knew everything there was to know about my sign! haha! My dad would buy me books or I'd take his mythology books from the bookshelf. I was way into it! I'd read up on Libra, because both my mom and sister are Libra. I thought maybe if I learned about their sign I could deal with them better hahaha! Then I was interested in Astronomy - my parents let me paint a super nova on my wall in my bedroom. Oh my gosh and remember those glow in the dark star stickers from the nature store you'd stick on the ceiling!? I remember in my freshman year of highschool Astronomy was mandatory and I think I was the only kid who was super stoked about (probably not the only one, but you get the point). 
I love this little zodiac embroidery! I painted my hoop gold last night once I was all finished with the embroidery. I'm getting Brian's sign, which is Cancer, and I was thinking I'd hang them up next to each other! Normally I'm not huge on kits, but I just loved Miniature Rhino's kits! So cute and so well put together - you won't be disappointed! Have you made one of these kits before? 
Oh and if you have any tales of your childhood when you nerded out on signs and stars I'd love to read them in the comments. ;) oh and who's a follow Aquarius!?
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QR Code Answer

let's be friends
Last week I made this little kewpie QR Code and I asked you guys to email me the answer after you scanned it! You guys are so great! I loved the emails! I put together some awesome stuff which went in the mail today! Now for those of you who didn't scan it but are still curious here's what it said:
While you sleep I will eat your brains!
Get it the little sweet kewpie is a zombie ;)
I have a bunch of QR Code ideas - so get ready for that!
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fair Day!

day at the fair
Yesterday, Brian and I took all the kids (ranging in age from 6 to 15) to the fair! My aunts and uncles kept asking, "Now are you guys sure you're up for this?" hahaha! We totally were! We had the BEST time! The kids were awesome - even with large amounts of sugar in their systems! ;)
Florida State Fair
Brian was way awesome! He's not normally a Fair kinda guy, but he totally got into it! He even wore this incredibly goofy shirt my uncle gave us as a joke - it says, "god is great, beer is good, and people are crazy" we don't necessarily believe these things hahaha but boy did that tee fit in at the Fair!
Florida State Fair
Look at all those turkey legs!! This photo is for my vegan and vegetarian friends! Enjoy! ;)
Vegan's nightmare
Brian took Eli and Robbie on the Gravitron or what use to be the Gravitron before people got hurt/killed then the company had to rename it hahaha! I couldn't believe the boys weren't scared! They LOVED it! Crazy kids!
Here are the little ones! What a cute bunch! Robbie is a giant and he's not even the oldest!
We wore the kids out!
Florida State Fair
Here's more photos!
Look what they had at the Fair!! QR codes!! These were in Cracker Country, which is my favorite part of the Fair! The QR codes gave you an audio tour - so so awesome! Cracker Country teaches you about old Florida! Very awesome and educational! I told Brian that as kids we NEVER went on rides at the Fair, but we didn't care because we'd go all through Cracker Country, the expo halls, the livestock area, ate funnel cake, etc. He said that's what old people do!! Hahaha true! My dad gets motion sickness too, so he hates rides - I get it! It wasn't like we were sad about it! We went on rides at our school carnival, just not at the Fair! It's just how it was! The Fair was saved for "old people activities" and we loved it! ;)
What are your Fair memories!? Did you ride the rides? What did you love most?
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Happy Monday!

Good morning gang! 
Hope your weekend was an awesome one! Monday came too quickly for me (we have work)! 
The Lovely Lauren from Active for Fashion ask me to do Mentoring Mondays, go check it and tell me what you think! Plus a started a new afghan over the weekend (above) what do you think of the colors - gray, pink, purple, and dark yellow? Maybe add some blue? 
I have a zillion funny fair photos to show you all too! It was so fun and so exhausting! 
Thank you SO much for all your VERY sweet comments about my dress!! I love hearing your dress stories too! 
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's a zoo!

Hope your weekend is going awesome! We are taking all the animals (little ones) to the fair today! Wish us luck! We will need it ;) My little cousin Lolo and I made a bunch of awesome crafts yesterday, we will share with you very soon! Have a wonderful Sunday!
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Friday, February 18, 2011

My dress!

Wedding plans? Yikes! I've fallen behind! I have a zillion ideas, but no date or place! My family keeps asking and I got nothing.......BUT I do have my dress!!!! I had a tea length dress in mind, but I'm too short and they're too puffy - think marshmallow! 
So just for fun my best friend made an appointment at Allegria Bridal in Boston, I seriously wasn't expecting to buy a dress! We were just paying around! Kristin just wanted me to have the experience of trying on dresses. I tried on a few that I wanted or thought I wanted - MARSHMALLOW! Then I tried on my dress - tight, long, and perfect!! The designer, Judd Waddell was actually there too! He did my hair! My dress was the ONLY dress ever made of that dress and it fit perfect!! I cried! hahaha! That's how I knew! Judd sketched me in the dress too! Pretty awesome! See how happy! I want to show Brian hahaha! I'm bad at surprises! 
So what do you think!? I can only show these two pictures! But you get the idea! :)
Dress Sketch
I think Brian and I are going to use this weekend to do some planning! And the Florida State Fair is in town, so we can get some funnel cake and cotton candy - it will help us think better ;) 
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Current Projects

I started a granny square blanket for our bed! At first I thought I'd just go with one color pattern, but then I couldn't decide so I'm doing them all! I'm going to connect them all together with off white yarn! What do you think!? What I really really want to do is learn to make a zigzag afghan, but it looks so tricky!
Have you ever made a zigzag afghan? How'd it go?
 And I've been playing with more QR codes! Just for fun I made this one! Don't be scared! It's just for fun! We are huge zombie fans at our house! If you can tell me what it says via email (strumpetscrumpetscrafts at I'll send you a surprise! :) Seriously tell me what it says and I'll sent you some Strumpet's coolness (give me your addy too)!! Deal! Leave a comment if you emailed me please! :) ps to gals how don't have smart phones - no biggie - I think there's QR code scanner for you computer! ;)
What project have you been working on? Any crocheting? 
Tomorrow is Friday! Thank goodness!! 
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello Kitty Birthday...for a grown man!

Today is Dave from work's birthday - Davemas as he calls it! Since we love birthdays at Sonic, I made Dave special cupcakes for Davemas! Hello Kitty Cupcakes!! Dave hates Hello Kitty and turns my Tara McPherson Hello Kitty around to face the wall everyday - rotten! So I knew I had to make these cupcakes extra special! Please note the one I tried to make into a Hello Kitty head looks more like Mickey with a bow haha!
hello kitty cupcakes
I bought the neon food coloring just from the local grocery store - it's SO bright! Here's some I made awhile back, Neon Cupcakes! I tried to off set all massive amounts of red dye no. 5 with vegetarian eggs haha! I pour all the mix in a plastic bag and cut the end off so I don't make a mess - only baking tip I have! ;) Oh and where to find awesome decorating items! I got the Hello Kitty Heads at Bake it Pretty! and the cupcake holders are from Hey YoYo! Love them both!
making hello kitty cupcakes
Gotta love the neon pink! I know Dave will! :)
pinkness cupcakes
Some Davemas treats! Dave collects PEZ, so I got him Hello Kitty PEZ in a special collectable lunch box! Woowhoo! Just what every grown man needs!!
Can't wait to see who's birthday is next around here!
Hello Kitty Cupcakes!
Have a Happy Davemas everyone!!! 
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More Strumpet's Memory Lane Project

Strumpets Memory Lane Project
Strumpet's Memory Lane Project is going so great!
Here are the 4 newest gals who shared their most treasured childhood toys!
From left to right, going clock wise: Tete is Cassandra's (from Lapis & Llamas) very loved little bear, Sally is Briana's sweet (missing one piece of hair) doll baby, Bernice is Jana's well cared for Cabbage Patch doll, and last but not least, Squirry! Rebecca's much loved pink squirrel!
These four gal's stories are so cute and SO funny! Seriously, take a minute and visit their adorable blogs and read their great Memory Lane stories! They will make you smile! I promise! The stories will make you wanna race home and find your childhood treasure! Remember to email me your stories! Find out more about Strumpet's Memory Lane Project here! :)
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

QR Codes - The Future is Here!

QR Code Strumpets Crumpets copy
Do you know what this is!? That strange square pixelated mess there is my website! It's called a QR Code, basically a barcode, which your smart phone can read (with a free app)! Most recently I saw QR Codes being used at the Denver Airport. It was pretty cool, one QR Code let you download Moby Dick and other classic books. And the other day a customer made business cards with nothing but a QR code, having their name and number in the code, I thought it was super clever! Today I thought it would be cool for Strumpet's Crumpet to have a QR Code, so I created my own QR Code here! If you do this and decide to print, make sure you save the LARGEST QR Code that you can - printers need 300 dpi files ;) 
Strumpets Crumpets QR Code
I made the front all cute and Strumpet-like and put my QR Code on the back! These cards are 3x3 inches. I printed these at work on the digital machine, which allows you to print low quantities very high quality! They came out awesome! Ps if you have this app on your phone, you can scan the photo above and it will take you to Strumpet's Crumpets - try it (tell me if you do)! :)

Above is how the QR Code scanning on an iPhone works! I just downloaded the first free QR app in the App store. Then you just hold the camera over the QR Code and it reads it automatically! So futuristic!!! I think BlackBerries have a QR reader built in them - fancy!
 I was thinking, because you all are the BEST readers/crafters/buds, I asked my guy if we could give you guys a discount on 3x3 inch QR Code Cards! He said, "Of course!" So if you're interested, check out Sonic Print's business cards (and if you want 3x3 cards, you them for the same cost). You can get free shipping anywhere in the states by using the code SUPERFUTURISTIC in the comments hehe!! Seriously! Are QR Codes awesome! Let me know if you've heard of QR Codes before - I'm super curious!
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Don't get me wrong I LOVE Valentine's Day, but I don't love the crazy consumer side of it! You know I'm a handmade gal through and through ;) I made bloody valentine syrup with our waffles this morning! It wasn't a big hit with the boys - scaredy cats! 
At work, I put out a little paper valentine owl from Mibo Studio! Pretty cute!

I was feeling festive this morning, so I wore my stone heart necklace my grandpa made. My grandma has a bunch, this was just my favorite! 
 For fun: I ate a zillion heart candies (barf) and wore my skeleton socks because I love them!
 All in all it's been a very nice Valentine's Day! Extra awesomeness, this schoolhouse came today!
(in crappy news, I accidentally deleted my blog list (the ones I read everyday) can I bring it back?)
 Now heading home to make dinner and watch Shameless! Anyone watching Shameless!? I love it! 
Hope your day is great whether you're cuddling with your boy, your gal, family, or your pup!! :)

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Happy Valentine's Day to you!

 I wish you all a very happy day! Well I wish you happy days always, but today have an extra special one! ;) Farley family and Cheaney boys, I love you more than you will ever know! 
I'm happy to be home after our little weekend adventure! I'll tell you all about it later! ;) 
And I want to hear about your weekend and your Valentine's Day plans!! 
ps I have 666 followers via google!!! Happy vday to day! haha!!
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lovey Dovey Crafts

Kewpie Valentine Postcards
Kewpie Valentines! Because I'm sure you're not tired of seeing them! haha!
Cutest Twinkie Chan Gloves Ever!!
Twinkie Chan's conversation fingerless gloves!
My AMAZING Valentine Owl from my Valentine, Steph Dillon!!!
Here is how she made this awesome little guy!
 And this is my Valentine to Steph! I was so stoked when I got her as my Valentine! She is a very wonderful artist and an awesome friend! Plus she drew the peacock that I have on my arm, so I wanted to make her something extra special! I saw this multicolored yarn and knew I had to make her a giant granny square blanket! Look Fuji approves!!
What did your Valentine swap partner send you!? I wanna see!!!
 Thanks to the wonderful the little lady over at Oh My Deer! I have this beautiful Valentine Wreath! Look how crazy this wreath is! So many tiny teeny pieces! Go see all her cuteness here!
Valentine wreath from @ohmydeerlove <3
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Valentines!

Tada! Valentines filled with sugary goodness! Pretty cute! 
You can get the Vintage Valentine Goodie Bag topper I made here!
Valentine's Day Goodie Bags
ps I only helped put these together, the little bit filled them and I stapled! Team work!
Valentine's Day Goodie Bags
Made a special one for the teacher, filled it with chocolate - smart kid!

Valentine's Day Goodie Bags
Then I spent the rest of the evening writing my only Valentines to my family and friends!
Valentines <3
I have a few more Valentine ideas! Sunday night I was thinking of making cookies shaped like candy hearts! Some crazy kewpie crafts! What Valentine crafts are you making? Put a link to your crafts in the comments! I wanna see em!!! Have a wonderful weekend!
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