Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Golden Birthday cont.

This Saturday Lauren (my sister) and Olivia threw me THE most amazing Golden Birthday EVER ever!
They asked our friend Daniel to make the Golden Birthday Invitation - just look at it!
Oh and I made a whole Gold Birthday set on Flickr
Golden Birthday Invitations
Lauren and Olivia cooked, baked, decorated - they just made the best birthday for me! I am so so thankful for them! I love them so much! Look at all the gold stuff below hahaha - Golden Girls, Golden Ticket, Gold Jesus Piece, Gold Record, C3PO, gold grill, etc. SO AWSOME! 
Golden Birthday decorations_golden things
Brian and Eli got me a fire pit for my birthday so we can roast marshmallows outside (normally we roast them in the fire place haha). We all had s'mores made with jumbo marshmallows! Plus we had fresh popcorn, the best BBQ in town, Olivia made baked potato salad (I would eat it everyday if I could), Lauren made the cake (giant Stay Golden bar) and gold cupcakes - PERFECT! 
Bday marshmallow roast!!
Far away photo of Olivia and Lauren getting ready!
Lauren and Olivia are the best
SO happy!! I just love my family and friends! 
Becky and Mickey Golden Birthday
Golden Birthday decorations! 
Golden Birthday Decorations
Golden Birthday treats for the kiddos! 
Gold mine Bubble Gum for my golden birthday
We had such a fun time! Lauren and Olivia, you two mean the world to me! Thank you so much! 
Brian and I went to LegoLand the next day - I'll be back later with all that fun! 
Hope your week is going great! 
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Tomorrow is the last day to sign up!!! 
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Carrie said...

oh what a great birthday!!!

Hello Sundae said...

Happy (late) birthday Lady!

I BLEED PINK said...

This party looked AWESOME!!

taryn said...

what amazing friends and family you have! glad you had a great golden birthday!!

sdillondesign said...

This is great. I am crazy about that golden girls card! Too funny. You are a lucky girl! I may have to go with the golden theme in a couple years. 31 on 31?Halloween style? ;)

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ahhh what an awesome looking birthday party!!! Happy (belated) birthday!! I'm glad you had such a great one! You look so happy, hehe. :)

miss teacups. said...

WOW!! everyone went ALL out. that is SO awesome. what amazing family & friends you have becky!!

amber stackle said...

aaahhh that looks like so much fun!! Happy Birthday Becky! :)

Illustrated Ink said...

Oooohhhh, so shiny and fabulous! I love the pic of you and Mick! Looks like it was a super fun birthday!