Friday, January 27, 2012

Golden Office Birthday!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my Golden Birthday was coming up! Well it's almost here! 
My best bud Daniel from work spent last evening gliding my desk! :) 
You may remember my desk at last year's birthday - the Dexter Kill Room! SO perfect!!
Becky Lego Banner Golden Birthday
Golden Lego People Banner - AMAZING!!
Golden Birthday At Work
So incredibly stoked!
Golden Birthday Becky farley
And to top it all off he got me the Harry Potter Lego Board Game! How awesome is that?! 
Golden Birthday awesomeness
I'm so excited for this birthday weekend!!! EEEEEeeeEek :) 
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Rachel K. E. said...

Happy (almost) birthday! Your decorations are also very fitting for your STAR birthday hahaha!

knitxcore. said...

amazing! happy birthday!

Eugenia Woods said...

YAY! Happy almost Golden Birthday!!!

Claire said...

Happy almost birthday Becky!
Hope you get spoilt rotten!

Torrie said...

That board game looks awesome! What a great friend!

Holly Knitlightly said...

This is amaaaaaaaaaaazing!! I wanna work where you work!! Hahaha. Love love love this!!!

You must be freaking awesome in person too for you to have people do this for you!!! :) Happy early birthday!!

Velma said...

how awesome! You have great coworkers!!! Happy Birthday!!

Illustrated Ink said...

Happy Golden Birthday, Becky!! Have a great b-day weekend!

allie obannon said...

happy birthday! i had never heard of golden birthdays until very recently & i'm a little sad that i missed mine.

my birthday is on the 1st... so my 1st birthday would have been my golden birthday, haha.

Carrie said...

happy birthday!!!!

amber stackle said...

LOVE the lego people banner!!