Thursday, January 5, 2012

My 2011

Strumpets 2011 year
1. New Years in South Florida, watching Kooza a Cirque du Soleil with my fella! 2. Snowboarding in Breckenridge 3. & 4. Best birthday to date! Daniel turned the office into a Dexter Kill Room Birthday Party!
5. Buying my wedding dress with my best bud up in Boston! 6. Got Mickey tattooed on my arm haha! 
7. Trip to the fair with my wonderful family! I love them so much! 8. Lauren moved home to Tampa!! 
9. Easter traditions 10. Lauren and Eli spent the summer together AKA Camp Lauren! :)

Strumpet 2011 year
11. Lobster Season in the Keys with the boys! 12. Most awesome trip to MO and Chicago with my sweet friend Amber Cox! Plus we went to the Renegade Handmade Craft Fair! Amazing!! 13. My Little brother Danny graduated from FSU and my sister Lauren graduated from grad school at Vanderbilt! 
2011 Strumpet year
16. Eli turned 7! Wootwoot! We celebrated with a 007 birthday party! 17. I finished Brian's 1up crocheted pixelated mushroom! 18. Had a ROY G BiV birthday bash for Lauren! 19. We had our annual Halloween Party! This year was the Haunted Arcade! 20. Oh of the most exciting things that happened this year - Olivia and I started Oh Strumpets! We did 3 craft shows together! We've been having THE most awesome time with Oh Strumpets! I am so stoked for 2012!! 
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mags said...

What a great year and great pictures! I love you so much!

Dawniepants said...

I'm so in love with that rainbow cake still!!

Carrie said...

what a great year!!

sdillondesign said...

A very eventful year! I hope 2012 rocks your socks off! :)