Monday, January 16, 2012

My365.........first half of January

  Instagram is my favorite!!  If you don't have an iPhone, then you may not be able to use it, which is a bummer! I wish all my family and friends had it! I don't have Facebook and twitter is ok, but Instagram is the! haha! I'm currently doing a my365 on Instagram. my365 is another app that displays the images in order. I'm following a specific list of daily things to photograph (see below). Today is the half way mark of January, so I thought I'd show you all my month so far! 

Photo A Day Challenge

                                     1. You                                                      16. Morning
                                     2. Breakfast                                              17. Water
                                     3. Something you adore                           18. Something you bought
                                     4. Letterbox                                             19. Sweet
                                    5. Something you wore                            20. Someone you Love
                                    6. Makes you smile                                  21. Reflection 
                                    7. Favorite                                                22. Your shoes
                                    8. Your Sky                                             23. Something old
                                    9. You routine                                          24. Guilty Pleasure
                                    10. Childhood                                          25. Something you made
                                    11. Where you sleep                                26. Color
                                    12. Close-up                                            27. Lunch
                                    13. In your bag                                        28. Light
                                    14. Something you're reading                  29. Inside your fridge
                                   15. Happiness                                          30. Nature
                                                                     31. You, again

Even if you don't have instagram you should give it a go! It's fun! :)

oh and if you have Instagram find me: Becksorange or Becky Farley :) 

Hope your first half of January has been good! I'm really looking forward to the second half!
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sdillondesign said...

Fun! Did you make the list yourself or does the app do that for you?

ps I love that close up shot of you and Mickey!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Awesome! Love number 12!! Hahaha too awesome. & your pillow cases rock.

Holly Knitlightly said...

(Also, I thought the photo of the things in your bag was an Easter basket & candies. Haha. So colourful!!!)

miss teacups. said...

OMG BECKY!! the knuckle tattoos?? when did this happen!? amazing! you're so bad ass!!

Carrie said...

I love this I can't wait to get my new iphone right now I am using Johnny's so I am really not on there too much yet!

DawnieP said...

I've been playing along with this too, it's lot of fun!


Pia Lopez said...

I just heard about instagram. I made an accout but know pictures yet. I will sure to look for you :)

custom gift cards said...

That's really pretty. I saw my365 on the app store but didn't know what it was about. Now i might get one :)

laurenjayxo said...

I absolute love this idea, i just got an iphone for christmas and downloaded the instagram app the other day. I really look forward to the motivation for taking more pictures!

rosie said...

i just recently got an iPhone and you bet instagram was the first app i downloaded :-D i'm following you on instagram ~ rosie_posy xx

Menina rosa said...

Amei o projeto! :D

allie obannon said...

i'm doing the project 365 thing too. i wish i'd thought to do it using instagram. so much easier than lugging around my canon!

Janet said...

So fun!