Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Polar Bear Crocheted Hats

Once Eli told Brian and I he wanted to be a Polar bear at our wedding haha why you ask? Because he's our ring bear duh and white is most appropriate for a wedding! He really is so hilarious and cute! 
I just love him! We told him he could 100% be our ring bear! 
First human crocheted hat I've ever made! Eli is just toooooo cute!!! ❤
This weekend I tried my hand at making polar bear hats 
- one for Eli (human kid size) and one Blythe size! Eli could not be more cute! 
 I have fallen in love with Blythe ps. I always thought they were SO weird, but now I just love em! The first one I ever saw was Amber's in MO - I never knew their eyes changed when you pulled the string!!! Now Olivia and I are Blythe CRAZY! 
Little Blythe Bear Hat White
So if you want one you better go grab one! 
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knitxcore. said...

both hats are just precious!

Oh Strumpets! said...

:) Thanks Robbie!!

Moe said...

those hats are too stinking cute!! your dolls are to die for as well :)

allie obannon said...

those hats are precious! any chance you'll post the pattern?

.........my messy girlfriend said...
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.........my messy girlfriend said...

its just too cute:) ring bear:)

RollerScrapper said...

So cute! I want to make my baby to be a little polar bear or panda bear hat!