Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap (frog) Day!

Leap frog cupcakes for tomorrow! #leapday  Eli made the tongues and legs!
We love an out of the ordinary day at our house and a Leap Day is perfect! 
As much as I want to make a 30 Rock Leap Day party at work I knew the little one (Eli-7) would't understand so we made Leap Frog Cupcakes! :) 
Earlier tonight we must "leap" day cupcakes  im not gonna lie I wanted a 30rock leap day party but Eli of course doesn't know what 30rock is so  cupcakes fit
Eli and I just thought these up, so they aren't perfect!
Here's what you'll need:
1. cake mix (haha or if you're brave you can make them from scratch)
2. greeeeeen food dye
3. marshmallows for frog eyes
4. green cupcake holders
5. green and red paper
6. tooth picks
7. hot glue gun
and go! 
Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
While the cupcakes were baking Eli and I took the green paper and cut it into strips - we took two and make paper like accordions by folding them over each - Start with an L and fold one strip over the other.Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
Then we cut thinner red strips and Eli wrapped them around a thin paint brush to curl them and make frog tongues! We also cut out little frog feet with the extra green paper! We hot glued the red tongues to tooth picks so they could stay in place! And we used normal tacky glue to stick the legs on!
Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
We dyed the frosting green (2 shades) and we used marshmallows for the eyes then made a tiny bit of black frosting for pupils! :)
Leap Days
Tada!! Eli picked a special one out for his teacher!
Happy Leap Day everyone! 
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Peep Garland!

Spring is just around the corner Peeps! 
Get your 
in the Oh Strumpets Shop now!! 
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Larbear,

Dear Larbear (my dad), 
My future kids and lil Eli are going to need you to make one! :) 
You gave me my first Hobbit and Lord of the Rings box set as a kid (or maybe I took it from you- tomato tomato), so this is sorta your doing hahaha so...... Aren't they perfect!? I'll help you ps! 

 Look at the little furniture! OMG

For everyone who doesn't have a Larry Farley (my amazing wooden working dad) you can get your very own Hobbit Hole here from Wooden Wonders! Even if you don't have kids and are a Hobbit Lover you should get one hahaha SO cool! 
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Jim Doran is Awesome

Do you ever have those -"this is completely awesome!" moments!? 
Well every time Jim Doran makes a new Tin Ink Drawing that's what I say haha! His tins are incredible! 
Curiously Strong
Obviously I have a soft spot for the circus one! :) 
There's so much crazy detail! 
The Muse
Lost at Sea
This one, Lost at Sea is beautiful and he put it in the most clever anchovies tin! From Jim's blog: "The diorama is in a Cento anchovies tin. It’s kind of the opposite of an Altoids tin." bahahaha indeed! 
If you are lucky enough to live in the Chesapeake area, and think this tin is as awesome as me, you should totally go to the Pirate Invasion tomorrow Feb 22nd and bid on it! :)
Go check out Jim's site - I promise you'll say to yourself - "this is completely awesome!" about 10 times!
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh Strumpets Valentine Craft Swap Goodies!

Did you think I forgot how to craft because of all the Blythe happenings? hahaha I know that's how it looks, but I still love a good craft! Over at Oh Strumpets, Olivia and I hosted a Valentine Craft Swap! 
My swap partner was the wonderful Claire from Dreams are Necessary! I made her the Meow embroidered hoop above and she made me the greatest orange Mickey Pillow ever!! :) 

Oh @clairey_lou it's so so perfect!!! Orange handmade Mickey pillow! I love it so much!! Eli is very stoked abt the candy!!  you're so sweet!!
It was a great swap! 
Maybe we need to have a Spring Swap! Would anyone be interested? :)
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

blythe love

Simply Peppermint
(this is Minty Mindy - I redid her eyes, face and mouth!)
What I've been up to........going Blythe nutty! 
I never got Blythe dolls, I thought they were weird and silly. Now I think they are the opposite of that haha well still weird, but in a good way! I'm 29 and playing with dolls. Did you know their eyes change colors - 4 different sets! Did you know you can modify them and make them awesome!? You can make them tiny awesome clothes! Did you know there's a HUGE community of Blythe Gals?  hahaha it's a fun hobby! And I'm lucky to have Olivia to completely nerd out with the dolls! We made a Blythe Blog ps hahaha! Crazy! 
What have you been up to lately? Any weird new hobbies? :)
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bloody Valentine Cupcakes!

We are having a Bloody Valentine's Party at work!
 So I made very bloody valentine cupcakes! 
Bloody Valentine
I took white napkins and squirted red bloody dye all over them! 
I once did this with Halloween Invitation Envelopes (they were my favorite) - they would also be perfect for a Bloody Valentine Party - note to self!!
Bloody Valentine Cupcakes
I took boring old cupcakes, took a chuck from the middle, and filled it back up with cherry/blood filling! 
dismembered Gummy Bear Cupcakes
I got red gummy bears, decapitated them, and made dismembered gummy bear cupcakes! ;) 
Making cupcakes for tomorrow's bloody valentine party at work! Hey @laurenmf13 look at all this red dye! 7 yo lo would have been a killing machine if she ate these cupcakes! Bahahahaha I ❤ #reddyeno.5 (ps I really don't- I won't eat these)
I used an entire thing of red dye to get them that perfect bloody valentine red! 
We had a Bloody Valentine's Potluck 3 years ago - that was a good one! 
Happy Bloody Valentines Day
To top them off.....literally, I made silly bloody valentine cupcake toppers - knifes stabbing the bloody cupcakes, dead kewpies, human hearts! Can't wait to take them to work! hahaha the new people may freak out a little! It's good for them, give them something to tell their families..."and these strange creeps at work had a bloody valentines party....." I can't wait!!!

I wish you a very lovely Bloody Valentine's Day! :) 
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Craft Ideas

Valentine Heart Crayons DIY
Heart Crayons are a great (Sugar Free) Valentine for kids! 
Fabric Heart Garland! 
Just take your favorite fabrics, cut a bunch of hearts out, and sew them all together!
Paper Heart chain DiY
Super pretty and very quick Paper Heart Chain

Eli made Daniel & Charlie a valentine. He said he stuck the hearts together "bc you know" haha so cute!!
Eli made our friends and family Googly Eyed Heart Valentines! 
My sweet friend, Kris, sent us a kit from The Paper Source (one of my most favorite shops ever), but you could totally get goggly eyes and cut your own paper hearts to make your very own! 
Googly Eyed Valentine Hearts
Eli LOVED making them! He made each one special! 
Eli making Valentines
Do you have any quick Valentine ideas? I'd love to hear em! 
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Blythe Birthday Olivia!

Blythe Birthday
Today is Olivia's birthday! 
Give her lots of birthday love!!! 
Oh and if you want to host a Blythe Size Birthday here's a little How To
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Friday, February 10, 2012

meet Muffin - our adopted cat

Before Christmas, Eli and I found a little kitten that seemed super hungry, it'd come around our house everyday meowing for food. I'm a sucker for animals - even cats. I'm not usually a fan of cats - weird a crafter who's not a cat lady - I know! haha But I'm just a Mickey gal (my fat baby pup). 
It's love!
Now Eli has been wanting a cat forever! Once in school he had to write what he would do with $100 - he said buy a monster truck, a kitty, and kitty food. Melts your heart right? 
Well Brian and I were NOT getting him a kitty haha as cute as Eli is I was not cleaning a litter box. But then this little kitty came into our lives. We only let her outside on our porch for the longest time, but then it got cold (for Florida) so I let her sleep inside. She seemed to like us and she wasn't so bad herself. She cried when she wanted out, I fed her, Brian wasn't a fan and said we took someones cat. But I don't think so, she acted like she'd never been in a house, never been picked up, etc.
OMG. She was just sleeping like this ha! She's made me love cats (at least her)!
So Eli named her Muffin, which I found interesting because when I was little the only kitty I ever had and ever loved was named Muffin (Eli didn't know that). So now Muffin is our cat. She's kinda weird- like all cats haha. She lets us know when she wants to be pet. Oh and Eli opened this little cat door the pervious owners of our house had in, so NO litter box!! It's pretty awesome. She comes and goes as she wants. She sleeps a LOT! 
Mickey doesn't really bother her, expect he always wants her food. I had to buy him wet dog food, I only give him a tiny bit of it. I want him to know he's still #1. He tries to play with Muffin but then remembers she has claws haha. He's handling the new addition to the family ok, not great though. He's jealous, but he'll get over it soon enough.
So Muffin is pretty cute, she makes me laugh. She's a bit crazy, but super cute. I got her this scratch box and it came with catnip - that was the best!!! I've never seen anything like it - she went bananas!! So as long as she stays we'll be hers and vice versa. :) She even has her own Flickr set!
Have you ever found a stray and now they're part of your family?
Well if you think you'd want to have a new kitty, you should check out Friends of Strays. A good friend of ours fosters kitties for them - she's a pretty amazing lady ps. 
Go check out their site Friends of Strays if you're interested! 
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vintage Valentine Garland Kit

Oh Strumpets Vintage Valentine DIY Garland Kit
I've been feeling all lovey dovey lately! 
I'm not a huge Valentine's fan, but I do LOVE love my boys (so I tell them 1000x a day!) and I love vintage valentines! 
Oh Strumpets Vintage Valentine DIY Garland Kit_Animals
There's 3 different kits to choose from! I have the animal kit hanging in our living room now! 
There's also other Valentine goodies for sale
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Becky and Mickey Paper Dolls by Illustrated Ink

I have always thought of Leila from Illustrated Ink as a craft hero. Everything she makes is absolutely beautiful, if I had a million dollars we'd have a house full of her art. Her etsy shop has always been a favorite! Her paper dolls are my most favorite - I've put together most of them and they are at the office and in our living room! Well guess what!? Now I have my very own Illustrated Ink Paper Doll!
Becky Farley Paper Doll
I'm beyond stoked! It's just awesome! And look who is also in paper pup form - MICKEY!!!
And the paper Becky has tattoos and is crafting away! 
Becky Farley Paper Doll by Illustrated Ink
I've been so excited to put the paper Beck and Mick together (this weekend was nutty with bday stuff). 
So tonight I took time to cut it out perfectly and put them all together! 
Steph, look at the peacock tattoo! 
Ps Steph Dillon is the super talented artist of the actual peacock on my arm :)
Becky Farley Paper Doll Strumpet
I have a new found obsession with Blythe Dolls if you didn't know hahaha just take a peek at this - Oh Strumpets & Blythe Too! I'm been adding lashes to all the Blythes, so I thought why not add some to my paper Becky haha- so I did! 
Paper Doll Becky Farley Strumpets Crumpets
And I added a tiny paper diamond engagement ring and my new STRUMPET tattoo haha! 
Hand tattoo
I haven't shown you all, but I got hand tattoos around the holidays! hehehe! 

So I have a few more Becky and Mickey Paper Doll kits (with an instruction sheet and brads)!
 I think I'll have one in a giveaway and Leila said I could add them to the Oh Strumpets Shop!
How cool is that?! Would anyone be interested in buying one? :) 

Just want to thank Leila again! Thank you thank you! :) I LOVE my paper people! 
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