Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Becky and Mickey Paper Dolls by Illustrated Ink

I have always thought of Leila from Illustrated Ink as a craft hero. Everything she makes is absolutely beautiful, if I had a million dollars we'd have a house full of her art. Her etsy shop has always been a favorite! Her paper dolls are my most favorite - I've put together most of them and they are at the office and in our living room! Well guess what!? Now I have my very own Illustrated Ink Paper Doll!
Becky Farley Paper Doll
I'm beyond stoked! It's just awesome! And look who is also in paper pup form - MICKEY!!!
And the paper Becky has tattoos and is crafting away! 
Becky Farley Paper Doll by Illustrated Ink
I've been so excited to put the paper Beck and Mick together (this weekend was nutty with bday stuff). 
So tonight I took time to cut it out perfectly and put them all together! 
Steph, look at the peacock tattoo! 
Ps Steph Dillon is the super talented artist of the actual peacock on my arm :)
Becky Farley Paper Doll Strumpet
I have a new found obsession with Blythe Dolls if you didn't know hahaha just take a peek at this - Oh Strumpets & Blythe Too! I'm been adding lashes to all the Blythes, so I thought why not add some to my paper Becky haha- so I did! 
Paper Doll Becky Farley Strumpets Crumpets
And I added a tiny paper diamond engagement ring and my new STRUMPET tattoo haha! 
Hand tattoo
I haven't shown you all, but I got hand tattoos around the holidays! hehehe! 

So I have a few more Becky and Mickey Paper Doll kits (with an instruction sheet and brads)!
 I think I'll have one in a giveaway and Leila said I could add them to the Oh Strumpets Shop!
How cool is that?! Would anyone be interested in buying one? :) 

Just want to thank Leila again! Thank you thank you! :) I LOVE my paper people! 
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janel. said...

yes please!!! MY new little baby will need a Becky and Mickey paper doll duo!! xo

Lost Cabin Vintage said...

Heee Heee! They look so much like you guys!!! Well done Leila! Lovin the knucks too lady ;)
toni xo

Kris said...

I would totally buy a paper Becks! Thats soooo awesome!

chelseybell. said...

so cool--it looks just like you!

love the hand tattoos.

and, i don't think i wished you a happy golden birthday, so I hope it was an amazing day.

taryn said...

how awesome?! what girl wouldn't want a paper doll of themselves? so awesome! leila is super talented!

sdillondesign said...

It looks just like you! Fantastic! I love the tattoos!! Nice peacock ;)

chrissy said...

that is amazing! and those tattoos are blowing my mind! incredible.


Illustrated Ink said...

Thanks so much for the love, Becky! You made me *blush*! I'm so happy you love your dolls. :) Your additions of the lashes, knuckle ink (they look good, btw), and ring are great! Thanks again, you're the best!

Amber said...

Oh my goodness!!! How awesome!! You and Mickey as a paperdoll!! Yes please I would like to buy one!!