Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bloody Valentine Cupcakes!

We are having a Bloody Valentine's Party at work!
 So I made very bloody valentine cupcakes! 
Bloody Valentine
I took white napkins and squirted red bloody dye all over them! 
I once did this with Halloween Invitation Envelopes (they were my favorite) - they would also be perfect for a Bloody Valentine Party - note to self!!
Bloody Valentine Cupcakes
I took boring old cupcakes, took a chuck from the middle, and filled it back up with cherry/blood filling! 
dismembered Gummy Bear Cupcakes
I got red gummy bears, decapitated them, and made dismembered gummy bear cupcakes! ;) 
Making cupcakes for tomorrow's bloody valentine party at work! Hey @laurenmf13 look at all this red dye! 7 yo lo would have been a killing machine if she ate these cupcakes! Bahahahaha I ❤ #reddyeno.5 (ps I really don't- I won't eat these)
I used an entire thing of red dye to get them that perfect bloody valentine red! 
We had a Bloody Valentine's Potluck 3 years ago - that was a good one! 
Happy Bloody Valentines Day
To top them off.....literally, I made silly bloody valentine cupcake toppers - knifes stabbing the bloody cupcakes, dead kewpies, human hearts! Can't wait to take them to work! hahaha the new people may freak out a little! It's good for them, give them something to tell their families..."and these strange creeps at work had a bloody valentines party....." I can't wait!!!

I wish you a very lovely Bloody Valentine's Day! :) 
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Sway said...

hahaha They are AWESOME!!! Happy bloody Valentines to you, and your loves!
Sway xxx

Lisa said...

Becky, you are SO CREATIVE! Love seeing all your party goodies :D

taryn said...

you make the best treats! happy valentines day!!

Holly Knitlightly said...

bahaha I LOVE THESE! Oh man, they look so good too! YUM!! Hope you're having a great day, Becky!! :)

Lisa said...

These are the greatest! This has been my favorite Valentines related post so far today!

sécia said...

These are right up my alley! Happy Valentine's Day!

♥ sécia

The Prairie Hen said...

you're so clever.

Flourish and Fancy said...

OH my gosh these are so great! Haha! I especially love the "dismembered gummy bears." Great ideas!


Windsor Grace said...

I don't know if I could eat those. They look a little too bloody