Sunday, February 19, 2012

blythe love

Simply Peppermint
(this is Minty Mindy - I redid her eyes, face and mouth!)
What I've been up to........going Blythe nutty! 
I never got Blythe dolls, I thought they were weird and silly. Now I think they are the opposite of that haha well still weird, but in a good way! I'm 29 and playing with dolls. Did you know their eyes change colors - 4 different sets! Did you know you can modify them and make them awesome!? You can make them tiny awesome clothes! Did you know there's a HUGE community of Blythe Gals?  hahaha it's a fun hobby! And I'm lucky to have Olivia to completely nerd out with the dolls! We made a Blythe Blog ps hahaha! Crazy! 
What have you been up to lately? Any weird new hobbies? :)
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The Krafty Cupcake said...

I have always loved Blythe dolls and would love to get one, not so easy to track down here. I will be checking out yr blythe blog. Sue x

Jodie said...

haha they are one of the most addictive things start to like them, and neeeed one, then you need another, and more, and more things to go with them like cute clothes and accessories, and boom you are in the blythe obsessed world <3 a totally cute world haha!!

minty mindy is very cute

Sway said...

Wow! I'm not a Blythe person, but Minty Mindy is gorgeous and mint is my fav colour, so you have got me thinking!
Her eyes look incredible!

Polly Davies said...

LOVE! I got my first blythe for christmas, and my husband was so amused that at 30 I'm playing with dolls ha!!

Tara said...

My first one is on her way! Ordered it day after my birthday with play money. Simply Chocolate and I cannot wait to make her even prettier customizing her. :) My girlfriend and I are going to this years BlytheCon in Dallas, TX & I can't wait to see all the pretty Blythe's in person. Have you considered going???