Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Larbear,

Dear Larbear (my dad), 
My future kids and lil Eli are going to need you to make one! :) 
You gave me my first Hobbit and Lord of the Rings box set as a kid (or maybe I took it from you- tomato tomato), so this is sorta your doing hahaha so...... Aren't they perfect!? I'll help you ps! 

 Look at the little furniture! OMG

For everyone who doesn't have a Larry Farley (my amazing wooden working dad) you can get your very own Hobbit Hole here from Wooden Wonders! Even if you don't have kids and are a Hobbit Lover you should get one hahaha SO cool! 
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Velma said...

I WANT ONE!!! Have you seen these tiny ones for you fairies and gnomes? http://www.etsy.com/listing/61378353/fairy-doors-hobbit-door-gnome-doors-elf

Claire said...

Amazing! I want one!

O. said...

Mr. Farley, I too would like one. I can help... I have my own power tools. :)

Sandra said...

that it really cute and a great idea!!
yeah I think I remember that when I have my own house with garden and children^^

Illustrated Ink said...

Love this! I would just hole myself up in there to work on my art projects. :) Perfect!

Mrs_Malik said...

That is TOO cute! My little one would love squirrelling away in there :D