Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap (frog) Day!

Leap frog cupcakes for tomorrow! #leapday  Eli made the tongues and legs!
We love an out of the ordinary day at our house and a Leap Day is perfect! 
As much as I want to make a 30 Rock Leap Day party at work I knew the little one (Eli-7) would't understand so we made Leap Frog Cupcakes! :) 
Earlier tonight we must "leap" day cupcakes  im not gonna lie I wanted a 30rock leap day party but Eli of course doesn't know what 30rock is so  cupcakes fit
Eli and I just thought these up, so they aren't perfect!
Here's what you'll need:
1. cake mix (haha or if you're brave you can make them from scratch)
2. greeeeeen food dye
3. marshmallows for frog eyes
4. green cupcake holders
5. green and red paper
6. tooth picks
7. hot glue gun
and go! 
Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
While the cupcakes were baking Eli and I took the green paper and cut it into strips - we took two and make paper like accordions by folding them over each - Start with an L and fold one strip over the other.Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
Then we cut thinner red strips and Eli wrapped them around a thin paint brush to curl them and make frog tongues! We also cut out little frog feet with the extra green paper! We hot glued the red tongues to tooth picks so they could stay in place! And we used normal tacky glue to stick the legs on!
Making Leap (frog) Day Cupcakes
We dyed the frosting green (2 shades) and we used marshmallows for the eyes then made a tiny bit of black frosting for pupils! :)
Leap Days
Tada!! Eli picked a special one out for his teacher!
Happy Leap Day everyone! 
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Velma said...

too cute!!!

Stephanie said...

Thet are super cute! Great springy legs :)

Flourish and Fancy said...

What an adorable idea! I'll have to pass this along to my best friend who is a teacher.

miss teacups. said...

can i just say are the BEST step mom out there!!