Friday, February 10, 2012

meet Muffin - our adopted cat

Before Christmas, Eli and I found a little kitten that seemed super hungry, it'd come around our house everyday meowing for food. I'm a sucker for animals - even cats. I'm not usually a fan of cats - weird a crafter who's not a cat lady - I know! haha But I'm just a Mickey gal (my fat baby pup). 
It's love!
Now Eli has been wanting a cat forever! Once in school he had to write what he would do with $100 - he said buy a monster truck, a kitty, and kitty food. Melts your heart right? 
Well Brian and I were NOT getting him a kitty haha as cute as Eli is I was not cleaning a litter box. But then this little kitty came into our lives. We only let her outside on our porch for the longest time, but then it got cold (for Florida) so I let her sleep inside. She seemed to like us and she wasn't so bad herself. She cried when she wanted out, I fed her, Brian wasn't a fan and said we took someones cat. But I don't think so, she acted like she'd never been in a house, never been picked up, etc.
OMG. She was just sleeping like this ha! She's made me love cats (at least her)!
So Eli named her Muffin, which I found interesting because when I was little the only kitty I ever had and ever loved was named Muffin (Eli didn't know that). So now Muffin is our cat. She's kinda weird- like all cats haha. She lets us know when she wants to be pet. Oh and Eli opened this little cat door the pervious owners of our house had in, so NO litter box!! It's pretty awesome. She comes and goes as she wants. She sleeps a LOT! 
Mickey doesn't really bother her, expect he always wants her food. I had to buy him wet dog food, I only give him a tiny bit of it. I want him to know he's still #1. He tries to play with Muffin but then remembers she has claws haha. He's handling the new addition to the family ok, not great though. He's jealous, but he'll get over it soon enough.
So Muffin is pretty cute, she makes me laugh. She's a bit crazy, but super cute. I got her this scratch box and it came with catnip - that was the best!!! I've never seen anything like it - she went bananas!! So as long as she stays we'll be hers and vice versa. :) She even has her own Flickr set!
Have you ever found a stray and now they're part of your family?
Well if you think you'd want to have a new kitty, you should check out Friends of Strays. A good friend of ours fosters kitties for them - she's a pretty amazing lady ps. 
Go check out their site Friends of Strays if you're interested! 
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Alice said...

She's beautiful! I'm a total cat lady so I hope having a kitty turns you into one haha. We took in an abandoned cat last year, and our other one hated it at first but now they do everything together :) xoxo

Claire said...

I love this post Becky!
Lovely photos
Especially that one of Mickley looking at Muffin as if to say 'What the hell?"
Muffin is one lucky kitty

taryn said...

what a great story! i especially love how cute eli is and it's almost magical that he wanted to name her muffin and the only cat you ever loved was named muffin! i think that means true love and you all were meant to be together! she's soooo cute!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Congratulations on Muffin! She's beautiful. And what a weird coincidence about the name. And yep, all cats are crazy. We currently have three rescues and they're all bonkers. Thankful to be rescued but completely bonkers!

Hailey Marie said...

Oh my goodness! What a sweetheart!! I was never a cat person either until we "accidentally" adopted Logan, our "puppy cat"- a very social, talkative, and affection 15lb fluffball. I hope Muffin brings you and your fam lots of love and laughter! Hooray for Eli :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

hehe aww! And good to know that I'm not alone in not being a crazy cat lady crafter! ;) I love my pup!! hehe. Glad Mickey is doing okay! Squirt would go INSANE if I brought a cat to live with us!! haha.

O. said...

just remember I'm not taking any kittens when she has her babies...we're a dog and turtle only house ha!

jenny said...

Yayyy! I'm so glad you ended up keeping her. She totally chose you guys. And I bet Eli couldn't be happier. <3333

Sway said...

aww what a sweet face! I love the Scratch Lounge shot - I laughed so hard! Welcome to the One of Each Crafter Club :) Congratulations mama!

We got our kitty after we already had our rad pup, and now they are besties - literally can't do without each other. And it looks like yours are well on their way there too! Love the Munchkin connection too - he's gonna need his own Heart Banner pillow too :)

Shann xxx

miss teacups. said...

oooooh these photos are killing me. i love kitty stretches and she looks SO SO SO cute in the sleeping photo.

love her.

Illustrated Ink said...

OMG, what a sweet baby! Muffin is the perfect name for her!! I love the 2nd pic of her.xx

motherawesome said...

I love that you wound up keeping her! I've been keeping up since "Cutie"/Muffin first started coming around and was wondering if you'd cave! :P