Thursday, February 23, 2012

Peep Garland!

Spring is just around the corner Peeps! 
Get your 
in the Oh Strumpets Shop now!! 
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Vera said...

Hooray for so much happy cuteness!! I love it :D

miss teacups. said...

Easter, yay!! Pastels and pretty colours and cute bunnies and chickies haha

Also, adorable owl plate...and loving all of your matroshika dolls

Flourish and Fancy said...

I LOVE you Harry Potter Russian nesting doll.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

LOVE it!!!!

Velma said...

I've got the one for my office done! Now I just need to hang it up! I'll send you a picture when I do!!! I'm so excited!

mags said...

What do you want to do for Easter? Love you Leap Day Cupcakes! Looks like you are having a blast with Eli this week! I love you!