Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Craft Ideas

Valentine Heart Crayons DIY
Heart Crayons are a great (Sugar Free) Valentine for kids! 
Fabric Heart Garland! 
Just take your favorite fabrics, cut a bunch of hearts out, and sew them all together!
Paper Heart chain DiY
Super pretty and very quick Paper Heart Chain

Eli made Daniel & Charlie a valentine. He said he stuck the hearts together "bc you know" haha so cute!!
Eli made our friends and family Googly Eyed Heart Valentines! 
My sweet friend, Kris, sent us a kit from The Paper Source (one of my most favorite shops ever), but you could totally get goggly eyes and cut your own paper hearts to make your very own! 
Googly Eyed Valentine Hearts
Eli LOVED making them! He made each one special! 
Eli making Valentines
Do you have any quick Valentine ideas? I'd love to hear em! 
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alovelylittleworld said...

These ideas are all so cute. I keep meaning to make the paper garland.

Claire said...

Aww! These are all sweet!
I love the crayons!
One I saw a while back was to cut 2 hearts out of paper. Sew them up 3/4 way around, pop in some sweets and sew up!
Cute little pouches to rip open :)

dana @ wonder forest said...

such cute ideas! i think i remember the crayon one from last year on your blog?! hehe
xo dana

oh, lovely day! said...

i love that heart chain! how simple yet creative! thanks for sharing!
happy valentine's day!