Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vintage Valentine Garland Kit

Oh Strumpets Vintage Valentine DIY Garland Kit
I've been feeling all lovey dovey lately! 
I'm not a huge Valentine's fan, but I do LOVE love my boys (so I tell them 1000x a day!) and I love vintage valentines! 
Oh Strumpets Vintage Valentine DIY Garland Kit_Animals
There's 3 different kits to choose from! I have the animal kit hanging in our living room now! 
There's also other Valentine goodies for sale
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knitxcore. said...

guess who's gonna go order this?

marci said...

Very cute!

Windsor Grace said...

Adorable idea. And I'm not a huge valentines person either. Really not a small or huge

rosie said...

oh so lovely! i especially like the bambi style one :-) x

Sway said...

Woohoo! I got my Heart Banner Kit today - it's awesome! Thank you sooooo much!!! xxx