Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Craft Room Clean Up!

Is anyone as terrible as I am about keeping your craft area clean? I'm pretty sure the answer is -NO!
Mine gets so messy that you can't walk in the room haha I AM so embarrassed of it, so this Sunday I cleaned and cleaned! I just LOVE crafting at the dining room table, the reason being is the boys are there! I hate shutting myself in a room alone - it's weird! 
But I am going to use my room for crafts and not storage! 
My dad said once he understood - he would do his woodcarving up in the living room not in his shop. 
Here's my craft area all clean - this a lot going on but at least it's organized! And I got rid of a ton! 
Now I have a spot to actually sew! Amazing hahaha!
The girls got a new spot! 
You can see the floor! Woohoo!
Last week I made my best bud's new baby Wolfie a crocheted wolf hat! 
 And today he got it! Can could NOT be any more adorable!! Kills me!! 
Omg!!!! My @kct314 friend's mama just sent me this!! "wolf man!!" ❤ I'm in love!
Now he needs little wolf paw mitts! And then I need a plane ticket ASAP to deliver them! :) 
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Michelle said...

Hmmm I think I win. I can't even get in to my craft studio at the moment. I have enough room to open the door, but that is about it!

Bok Bok B'Gerk

knitxcore. said...

you definitely can't see the floor in my studio! come clean it? please?

Sway said...
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Sway said...

Becky, I'm exactly the same! I hate being shut away in my lil craft room, so my projects are always next to my fav armchair. Sadly, poor craft room then becomes a craft tip - all colour and chaos...no floor.

However, this is also my kitty's fav room when it's in chaos - so many places to hide/climb/sleep/chew.... lil brat :)

Well done on the big clean up!!! I'm waiting for the cleaning bug to strike before I tackle mine.
Wolfie looks beyond cute in his wolf hat! Love it!
Sway xx

Sway said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Little Red Emo Hood said...

Wow! That is the craft space of dreams! Jealous!

Danielle ~ AstashAddict said...

Becky, you should see my work shop, it's shameful!! you have inspired me to sort it out this weekend!
i also love crafting in my living! lol xx

eef said...

look at all that yarn and fabric! can i come over?

i have a craft bookcase in our living room, i pretty much have to keep it clean or we wouldn't have a living room!

Velma said...

I wish I had a craft room!!! I just get a hallway to store my stuff and the stuffed animals just took it over again!! I can't get in there!
I told my kids they could share a room so I could have one of their rooms for a craft room - they didn't go for it!

LOVE this wolf hat!!!

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

So much fun!! I have that sewing machine that I bought in 06' but I haven't been able to use it because I lost the directions to it =/ I HATE asking for favors but would you be want to do a swap of sorts for a scanned copy of the directions? I could send you some Blythe clothes :)

Sara Stoff said...

i wish i had a craft room to mess up! AH! I do store most of my craft stuff in the laundry room which gets rally out of hand very easily. so i can totally relate.

lisa said...

Good job, girl! It looks so clean & organized! My craft room is usually a total disaster! I'm with you- I feel so isolated in there and I'd rather be in the living room or at the kitchen table! I usually end up throwing (literally!) stuff in there and quickly shutting the door :) I have plans for redecorating so hopefully that will help!